Saturday 16 December 2023

Pratama Arhan`s father-in-law`s salary is half the price of a Honda Scoopy, but his car collection is worth billions


Pratama Arhan’s father-in-law, Andre Rosiade, has an estimated salary that is only half the price of a Honda Scoopy. With this salary, in fact his car collection is worth billions.

Andre Rosiade is a Gerindra party politician who has been a member of the DPR several times.

He has been pursuing a career in politics for a long time. No doubt, he has fantastic wealth.

In the State Administration Wealth Report (LHKPN), he is recorded as having total assets of IDR 28.913 billion. Of this total, IDR 5.285 billion was reported for the vehicles he owned.

Azizah Salsha’s father has a collection of 11 cars whose value is extraordinary. The cheapest cars fall on the 2013 Toyota Camry and 2014 Yaris. The car is estimated to be worth IDR 250 million. The 2019 Toyota Alphard is the most expensive car reported by Andre Rosiade.

Toyota Alphard BEV in the Nusa Dua area, Bali [PT TAM]. The following is Andre Rosiade’s vehicle collection as reported on LHKPN:

1. Camry car worth IDR 250 million2. Toyota Yaris car costs IDR 250 million3. Minibus car costs IDR 300 million4. Toyota Hi Ace Commuter car costs IDR 365 million5. Mitsubishi Jeep car worth IDR 390 million6. Nissan Navara car costs IDR 400 million7. Innova car costs IDR 435 million8. Jeep car worth IDR 435 million9. Mercedes Benz car worth IDR 450 million10. Nissan Elgrand car costs IDR 1 billion11. The Alphard car costs IDR 1 billion

Even though the salary received by Andre Rosiade is estimated at IDR 4.2 million. Quoting Indonesian Government Regulation Number 75 of 2000, DPR members receive a basic salary of IDR 4.2 million.

Apart from that, board members also get several allowances. For example, the court fee/package is IDR 2 million, the rice allowance is IDR 30 thousand per person per month, and the PPh allowance is IDR 2.7 million.

Apart from that, DPR members are also entitled to receive a wife allowance of IDR 420 thousand per month, and a child allowance of IDR 168 thousand per month for two children.

Apart from that, DPR members also receive a position allowance of IDR 9.7 million, an honorary allowance of IDR 5.58 million, a communication allowance of IDR 15.6 million, electricity and telephone assistance of IDR 7.7 million, as well as daily travel costs of IDR 5 million per day.

If the total income of DPR members, including Andre Rosiade, can be more than IDR 40 million per month. That doesn’t include income from the business owned by Andre Rosiade. No wonder his car collection can reach billions.

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