Thursday 21 December 2023

Profile of Sandrinna Michelle`s mother, teasing her son`s dating style with Junior Roberts


The relationship between celebrity couple Junior Roberts and Sandrinna Michelle is a hot topic of conversation. To be precise, after their dating style was said to be unhealthy. Moreover, currently Sandrinna is still a minor.

This matter increasingly attracted public attention after an Instagram account that allegedly belonged to Sandrinna’s mother expressed her feelings. The story contains Sandrinna who has been brainwashed by the people around her.

Netizens suspect that the accusation was intended for Junior Roberts. Various statements of disappointment that are now circulating in cyberspace have also made the profile of Sandrinna Michelle’s mother arouse public curiosity.

Profile of Sandrinna Michelle’s mother

There is not much information about Sandrinna Michelle’s mother. However, her name is Purwanti Skornicki, who was born on June 15 and is now around 43-47 years old. She, who adheres to Islam, is married to Mike Skornicki.

The couple was later blessed with two daughters, namely Sandrinna Michelle and Richelle Georgette Skornicki. It is known that Purwanti’s two daughters have been active in the entertainment world in their country since they were small.

Purwanti herself started to come under scrutiny after an Instagram account @savorascraves which she allegedly owned revealed several statements. He revealed that Sandrinna had changed her attitude, including forgetting her mother.

“Never pray, fast, eat what is haram, you chase the world, you forget the afterlife, you forget the mother who gave birth to you,” wrote the Instagram account @savorascraves.

This account also touches on the issue of a person’s fate in the world which can change. This includes career, health, wealth, and physical health. He believes that what he has now may not necessarily exist in the future.

“You are holding the world right now, will you always be at the highest peak, will you always be victorious, will you be healthy forever? Will your money never run out, will your beauty not change,” he continued.

Furthermore, the account stated that Sandrinna’s change in attitude was allegedly caused by ‘brainwashing’. He believes there is someone around him who has made this child behave badly towards his mother.

“The bad influence of people out there is extraordinary. This child has been brainwashed by the people out there,” wrote the account.

“Look at the child’s treatment of me, it’s really gone too far, there’s no way I would have gotten to this extent if he hadn’t gone too far. You can see the clear evidence for yourself,” he added.

The account also said that he would immediately report the parties who he thought had brainwashed Sandrinna to the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI). This is because the actress is still underage.

“I will report to KPAI…who is involved,” continued the account.

Even though the account does not mention a name, netizens suspect that the writings were aimed at Junior Roberts. Because, news circulated that he and Sandrinna Michelle were known to live together in an apartment.

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