Saturday 2 December 2023

Reaching 1,300 Contestant Cars, Daihatsu Dress Up e-Challenge 2023 Distributes Exciting Prizes for Modifiers


Car owners dress up their favorite car or give it cosmetic touches to give it a different feel from the others.

The steps for this modification vary. Some are light, some are heavy. Often referred to as a step change for contest class cars.

Quoted from the official Daihatsu release as received by , PT Astra Daihatsu Motor is bridging the hobby of its consumers in the modification sector by holding the Daihatsu Dress Up e-Challenge (DDeC) 2023. 

Program resulting from collaboration between PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM ) with HIN (Hot Import Night) being part of IAM (International Automodified).

is regularly held every year, and has been going on for 10 consecutive years since 2014. To date, the number has reached more than 7 thousand modifiers.

Management of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor together with one of the contestants of the Daihatsu Dress Up e-Challenge 2023 [PT ADM] This modification contest event is an opportunity for Creative Young Friends to express themselves positively through creative competitions for Daihatsu car modifications. Of course, while still paying attention to security and comfort aspects.

There are also models that can be included in the Daihatsu Dress Up e-Challenge event, namely all Daihatsu models. And held openly.

This step is part of Daihatsu’s way of always getting closer to the Indonesian people. Especially young people through various attractive programs, such as this modification for example.

For 2023, the DDeC modification contest will be held in a hybrid manner (offline and online) divided into four regional areas. These include Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java and Bali.

Interior of one of the contestants of the Daihatsu Dress Up e-Challenge 2023 [PT ADM] Currently, 1,374 modified cars are participating, and the DDeC modification contest applies an elimination scheme and is selected in stages.

In terms of judging, the public or netizens also contribute by voting to assess which car is the coolest according to their version.

Apart from challenging modifiers through real vehicle modification contests, Daihatsu also provides space for Creative Friends through virtual modifications.

A competition for creativity, concepts and digital editing skills with a total of more than 163 registered participants who presented their version of the best car design concept.

This collaboration event between Daihatsu and IAM provides a total prize of tens of millions of rupiah as well as trophies that are ready to be distributed to selected modifiers. Start passing the initial round and beyond with the prize value continuing to increase.

“We appreciate the Creative Young Friends who have participated in this year’s modification contest program.

This program has continued to receive a positive response for a decade with the number of participants continuing to increase every year,” said Masato Harada, Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor.

“Hopefully the Daihatsu Dress Up e-Challenge contest can be a positive tool for Friends “Young Creatives compete in creativity through car modifications, and make Daihatsu closer to the Indonesian people,” he concluded.

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