Friday 22 December 2023

Ready to support NZE 2060, Skywell enters the ranks of electric public transportation modes serving the Damri-Transjakarta route


Net Zero Emission or NZE 2060 is a target launched by the Indonesian Government to make the country emission-free, including from motorized vehicles. Steps have been taken by starting driving activities using electric vehicles or Electric Vehicles (EV).

Starting from private vehicles or private cars to public transportation, Indonesia continues to strive to use a variety of EVs. Including what was launched today, an Indonesian-assembled electric bus called Skywell. The fleet consists of 26 electric buses, each with a capacity of 50 people, and a range of approximately 250 km on one EV battery charge.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, the Damri Public Company (Perum) in collaboration with PT Transportation Jakarta (Transjakarta) launched 26 units of these electric buses which will function as EV-powered public transportation in Jakarta.

Taking place today, Friday (22/12/2023), the 26 EV buses complement the 74 electric buses already operating in Jakarta, bringing the total number of EV buses by the end of 2023 to 100 units.

Damri Main Director Setia N. Milatia Moemin (left) at the launch ceremony for 26 electric buses in collaboration between Damri and Transjakarta, and supported by the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency which was held in Jakarta, Friday (22/12/2023). [ANTARA/Adimas Raditya] According to Setia N. Milatia Moemin, President Director of Damri, Damri is committed to encouraging the use of electric vehicles in Indonesia as an effort to reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector.

Electric buses were presented by Damri as a form of synergy with PT Transjakarta to be operated on the busway corridor. This realization is part of one of the achievements of the merger of Perum PPD into Perum Damri.

Damri is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) which was founded on 25 November 1946 and operates in the field of land transportation. Consists of four Regional Divisions, as well as 44 branch offices spread throughout Indonesia.

Damri has a vision of becoming a world-class road transportation company with superior and sustainable performance by providing quality services to customers to support national connectivity.

Damri provides comprehensive solutions and creates an electric vehicle ecosystem by developing infrastructure and facilities to support the operation of electric buses at the Damri Pupar Pool, Cakung, East Jakarta.

The hope is that the strategic partnership to develop electric buses in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, can be successful and continue to increase in the future.

“This is the first stepping stone to develop an environmentally friendly public transportation ecosystem for the community. We are contributing to making DKI Jakarta a livable city with sustainable development,” explained Setia N. Milatia Moemin.

“We are very committed to Net Zero Emission (NZE) and are very serious about making it a green company in the future,” he said at the launch of the 26 electric buses.

According to him, the presence of electric buses is also in line with the government’s efforts to produce zero emissions, one of which is through the shift to electric buses for public transportation.

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