Wednesday 6 December 2023

Riding Classy Days Out, Lady Biker Yamaha in Babel, South Sumatra and Bengkulu Appears Stylish


Friendships that arise because of a common love for motorbike products? Well, why not. The results are exciting, because they show each other mix and match rides in a personalized style. So each has its own characteristics. For example, use one of Yamaha’s Classy products, namely the Yamaha Fazzio HybridConnected.

This is an event held by Yamaha Main Dealer PT Thamrin Brothers (South Sumatra & Bengkulu), and Yamaha Main Dealer CV. So Source (Bangka & Belitung).

Each of them invites Yamaha Classy Series automatic consumers to join in the Classy Days Out event which is filled with various interesting agendas.

Quoted from the official Yamaha Territory VI release as received by , the event was held on Sunday 19 and 26 November 2023 in their respective areas.

Dozens of participants consisting of consumers and the community joined to take part in city touring, traveling around the city using a classy Yamaha scooter.

Stylish style of lady bikers on Bangka Island [Yamaha Indonesia] Participants are those who like to ride motorbikes with exciting designs combined with modern features and technology.

They combine it with outfits that support a more stylish appearance thereby increasing self-confidence when driving.

Yamaha with its flagship Classy Series scooter line-up, namely the Fazio Hybrid-Connected and Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected, offers users the opportunity to be stylish with this ride.

Consumers responded positively to the presence of these two motorbikes which increasingly stimulated their riding activities. Including in the Sumatra region.

In rolling city Main Dealer Yamaha PT Thamrin Brothers (South Sumatra & Bengkulu), and Main Dealer Yamaha CV. Sumber Jadi (Bangka & Belitung), participants visited several attractive locations in their respective cities, and immortalized this moment of togetherness with Fazio Hybrid-Connected and Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected motorbikes.

“Looking stylish using your favorite motorbike can now be said to be included in consumer needs. “Fazio Hybrid-Connected and Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected can be the motorbikes of choice that can be used to support consumers who want to look stylish when riding,” explained Hendra Wijaya, Chief Yamaha Territory VI.

“They can make that wish come true at the Classy Days Out event and express the joy of driving with cool style using the Fazio Hybrid-Connected and Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected,” he continued.

Fitri Amelia, one of the Classy Days Out participants, stated that she really enjoyed the series of events presented.

“Classy Days Out has accommodated my desire to ride with other Classy Yamaha motorbike users. Equipped with stylish outfits according to the characters of Fazzio and Filano. “It’s really exciting to be able to take part in this event which provides a memorable experience, fun driving with a cool appearance,” said Fitri who took part in Classy Days Out in Palembang.

Isn’t that true, apart from meeting fellow fans of this vehicle, the participants can look stylish. Dress according to your respective riding.

Don’t forget that this Classy Yamaha engine is a hybrid, which means it doesn’t rely 100 percent on petrol. So you help protect the environment too.

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