Saturday 23 December 2023

Starrisya Andhita`s profile, the daughter of the Deputy Chief of Police, Agus Andrianto, turns out to be a Instagram celebrity


The family of Deputy Chief of Police, Commissioner General Pol Agus Andrianto, has been in the spotlight recently after the luxurious wedding held by his son, Andre Azhar and Asyifa Dewi on Saturday (16/12/2023).

Not only Agus Andrianto and Andre Azhar were also investigated regarding their life history, several of the families of the Deputy Chief of Police also attracted the public’s attention.

One thing that is of concern is Starrisya Andhita, who is none other than the younger sister of the police officer with the rank of Inspector General.

Interestingly, Starrisya Andhita also turns out to be quite an active figure, both in everyday life and in cyberspace.

So, what is Starrisya Andhita’s profile like? Check out the complete information below.

Profile of Starrisya Andhita, Daughter of the Deputy Chief of Police

Starrisya Andhita is the daughter of a high-ranking National Police official who was born in Blora and is known to be good at singing. The closeness between Starrisya and Komjen Agus can also be seen from uploads on Instagram social media.

Starrisya Andhita has always been known as a Instagram celebrity and TikTok celebrity. He was born in 2007 and is now 16 years old.

Every day, Starrisya is educated at the Jakarta Intercultural School. On her Instagram social media, Starrisya Andhita is known to have 57.3 thousand followers, and her TikTok account is followed by 89.5 thousand followers.

There is one fact that not many people know about the daughter of the Deputy Chief of Police. Starrisya Andhita was apparently chosen as one of the finalists for Cover Girl 2023. This can be seen from the upload of her father, Agus Andrianto.

“There will always be good people around us, if there aren’t any then be one. “Continue to do good, sis @starrisyaaaa, because we never know which goodness will come back to us,” said Agus Andrianto via his Instagram account.

The selection of Cover Girls has become fertile ground for the emergence of new talents in the world of Indonesian entertainment, including in the fields of acting, singing and other fields.

Starrisya Pramevie Andhita and her great talent show her love for herself and her environment through her involvement in various social activities.

Not only that, he also has expertise in the arts such as playing musical instruments and making works of art such as arts and crafts.

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