Wednesday 6 December 2023

Supporting Automotive Engineering Skills Program Class Learning, President Sends Practical Cars


During his third day of working visit to Kupang City, President Joko Widodo visited SMK Negeri 5 Kupang City.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, arriving at around 08.10 WITA, the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo was greeted by the students with the song “Sedon Lewa Papa”.

Then the President continued his inspection of a number of classrooms. These include skill program classes in Automotive Engineering, Visual Communication Design (DKV), and Renewable Energy Engineering.

The Head of State also inspected the learning facilities at the school.

President Joko Widodo or Jokowi inaugurated the arrangement of the Kupang City area, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Thursday (24/3/2022). As an illustration of the previous year’s Presidential visit to Kupang [Photo: Laily Rachev Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat] “Earlier I saw that in several departments the practice was good, but the ones in Automotive that were used were still old cars, today I will send a new car, one. The second “I will also send later for machine tools used in Carpentry classes,” explained Indonesian President Joko Widodo in a written statement, Wednesday (7/12/2023).

One of the 11th grade Automotive Engineering students, named Gedor, said that when the President RI Joko Widodo approached his class, he was working on the valve cleaning process.

“Mr Jokowi asked again what are you doing here? We said again the valve cleaning process so that there are no leaks,” he explained.

This automotive vocational school student feels happy because the President Joko Widodo said he would provide a new car for the learning needs of his class.

“Very happy and very grateful to the President for giving us a new car at SMK 5,” said Gedor.

Then when inspecting the DKV classroom, the students were seen giving a glass with a photo of the President and Mrs. Iriana Joko Widodo.

Yulita, the student who created the glass design, stated that the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo seemed happy to receive the glass from her.

“We made a glass and attached a photo of you and your wife, our words: “President, we NTT children really love you”,” he explained. 

Currently, Mr. President has realized the delivery of a new car for SMK Negeri 5 Kota Kupang, NTT Province. The aim is to support students’ learning practices at the school.

Without mentioning the brand and category, this new car is ready to be used as a learning tool for automotive class vocational students.

The President also advised that students can continue to study well and be careful when carrying out learning practices.

“Continue studying, then when you practice, be careful, don’t forget to worship and exercise,” concluded the President.

For the record, apart from this school, previously the President also gave a electric cars for automotive vocational schools in one of the cities in Sumatra.

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