Sunday 3 December 2023

Taking a closer look at the Yamaha PG-1: Just released in Thailand, is it more expensive than the Aerox 155?


Yamaha recently introduced a new type of cub motorbike which is predicted to be a tough opponent for the Honda CT125.

The motorbike is a Yamaha PG-1, which is a type of off-road moped with the typical appearance of a vehicle for rough terrain, such as the embedded “tofu” tires and also the absence of a cub motorbike which is characteristic of cub motorbikes.

This motorbike was just introduced in Thailand at a price of 64,900 baht, which if converted into rupiah would be worth 28.77 million.

The price of the Yamaha PG-1 is more expensive than the Yamaha Aerox 155, which in Indonesia is priced at 17 million according to the official website.

However, the selling price of the Yamaha PG-1 is relatively cheaper compared to the Honda CT125 which was imported on a CBU basis at a price of 81 million.


This motorbike is powered by a powerful 4-stroke engine, single cylinder, with SOHC configuration and 2 valves, as well as an efficient air cooling system.

With a displacement of 114 cc, this motorbike provides reliable performance for various purposes. A compression ratio of 9.3:1 reflects the optimal balance between power and fuel efficiency.

Yamaha PG-1. (Yamaha Thailand) With a diameter x stroke of around 50.0 x 57.9 millimeters, this motorbike has a compact and efficient cylinder design.

Use of NGK/CR6HSA spark plugs and T.C.I ignition system. demonstrating the adoption of the latest technology to improve combustion performance.

This motorbike is equipped with a 5.1 liter capacity fuel tank, allowing riders to cover longer distances without frequently having to refill.

The engine oil capacity is approximately 0.8 liters, providing optimal protection and good maintenance for engine components.

A transmission system with 4-speed gear output ensures the rider has good control over speed and acceleration. Diasil type cylinders are used in engine construction, adding durability and overall efficiency.

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