Thursday 21 December 2023

Teuku Ryan Accused of Collaborating with Celia Thomas, Doesn`t He Remember That He Married Ria Ricis Until He Spent Billions?


The name of young artist Celia Thomas has recently been dragged into rumors of the shaky household of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan.

Rizky Nazar’s ex-girlfriend became a gossip because she was caught watching the Gala Premiere of Kite Putus The Movie in a cinema with Ryan. However, recently Celia denied this on the pretext that Ryan was a friend of the manager.

Celia ThomasTeuku Ryan (Instagram/lambe_danu) The issue of Ricis and Ryan’s marriage being on the brink has actually been circulating for some time now. Ricis has even kicked Ryan out of his YouTube header, so he only shows a photo of him with his child, Cut Raifa Aramoana.

This slanted rumor has clearly caught the attention of many people, especially because Ricis and Ryan’s wedding at the end of 2021 was held in such a luxurious manner. It was so luxurious that Oki Setiana Dewi’s sister’s wedding was predicted to cost up to billions of Rupiah.

Flashback to Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s wedding

Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan after the wedding reception [/Ismail] Teuku Ryan legally married Ria Ricis on Friday, November 12 2021. At that time the marriage contract took place at the Intercontinental Hotel Pondok Indah which is a 5 star hotel in Jakarta.

Not only the wedding ceremony, the two of them also used the same venue for their wedding reception the following day. The wedding was held according to Palembang customs with a combination of beautiful and luxurious clothing and decorations like a fairy tale.

Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s Wedding Costs

Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan [Instagram] So with the splendor of the wedding party, how much did Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan spend?

Quoted from the official website of the Hotel Intercontinental Pondok Indah, the rental price for a wedding package for the period September to December is in the range of IDR 175 million to IDR 650 million. The difference is the room used and the maximum capacity for the number of guests.

However, it is not known which wedding package the couple took. The reason is that according to Ricis’ older sister, Oki Setiana Dewi, the number of invited guests at the ceremony and reception is estimated to be no more than 300 people. Meanwhile, the recitation will only be attended by around 50 people.

Then Ryan of course gave a dowry to marry Ricis which allegedly cost hundreds of millions of Rupiah. The reason is that the former state-owned bank employee gave a dowry in the form of 100 grams of gold which, if converted, could reach IDR 89 million.

Ryan also gave a dowry in the form of cash amounting to IDR 179.5 million, which was a manifestation of Ricis’s birthday, July 1 1995. Thus, the total expenditure for the dowry had reached IDR 268.5 million.

Ricis and Ryan also provided a large number of wedding souvenirs which were packaged in a beautiful pink bag. What souvenirs are given?

It is said that there are diet drinks produced by Oky Pratama. The price per package of this slimming drink is IDR 345 thousand, so it is estimated to reach a total of IDR 69 million.

Then the bride and groom also distributed gold metal weighing 0.025 grams which was estimated to cost a total of IDR 7.8 million. Then there is a package of body care products from well-known local brands at a price of IDR 200 thousand, so the total estimate is IDR 40 million.

Next there is a body mist package with a total cost of IDR 7 million, a set of elegant toiletry hampers which are priced at IDR 395 thousand per set so the total is IDR 79 million, as well as prayer mats and Al Qurans which are estimated to cost IDR 24 million.

So with all these expenses and their ups and downs as husband and wife over the past two years, is it true that Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s marriage is at the end of its rope?

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