Monday 25 December 2023

Teuku Ryan`s job before marrying Ria Ricis, do you regret deciding to resign?


Teuku Ryan is currently a topic of conversation following news of a breakdown in his marriage with Ria Ricis. In the midst of the divorce issue, Teuku Ryan’s work was also brought up.

Not without reason, before getting married, Teuku Ryan and Ria Ricis had different professions. This couple’s income is called jomplang, considering that Ria Ricis is among the richest YouTubers in the country.

Unmitigated, Ria Ricis’s income from YouTube, which has 32.6 subscribers, is estimated to be IDR 220 million to IDR 3.5 billion every month.

Meanwhile, the figure of Teuku Ryan has been popular since he had an affair with Oki Setiana Dewi’s sister.

Previously, Teuku Ryan was an office worker. The man born in Aceh worked at a state-owned bank in Indonesia. It is said that his salary as a BUMN employee reaches IDR 6 million per month.

Teuku Ryan admitted that he was willing to leave his job in Aceh for Ria Ricis. He decided to resign as a state-owned bank employee and move to Jakarta to be close to Ria Ricis.

Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan after diving activities at the Jakarta Aquarium, Sunday (4/6/2023). [/Adiyoga Priyambodo] “Yes, I have left my job,” said Teuku Ryan in the Bintaro area, South Tangerang, Monday (20/9/2021).

“For her (Ria Ricis) sake,” he added.

Teuku Ryan then followed in Ria Ricis’ footsteps, entering the world of entertainment. He initially participated in creating content with Ria Ricis. Since then his name has become increasingly known.

The 29 year old man is believed to have starred in a number of FTV and television series. He was also appointed as a brand ambassador.

Teuku Ryan and Ria Ricis officially married on November 12 2021 and are now blessed with a baby. Only a young age, their household is said to be on the edge.

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