Wednesday 27 December 2023

The Manners of Students Forcibly Expelling Rohingya Reap Pros and Cons, Refugees Are Afraid


Hundreds of people who were members of the Students Rejecting Rohingya Refugees raided the temporary shelter at the Balee Meuseuraya Aceh (BMA) Building.

The crowd then forcibly transported the refugees by raiding them and pushing them away violently.

In the video uploaded by account

Dozens of refugees, mostly women and children, looked hysterical and crying.

Especially when students start throwing water bottles and kicking things around.

“Students in Banda Aceh forced the Rohingya refugees, mostly women and children, to disperse. They were scared. Barbaric,” wrote the account @herricahyadi.

“What’s the difference between you and the uneducated, violent group? Your alma mater is a symbol of higher education. But your mentality is barbaric,” he added.

Raids on Rohingya by students (X) It is known that the group of students who took action came from the Al Washliyah campus, Abulyatama University, and Bina Bangsa Getsempena

Coordinator of the action from Abulyatama, Muhammad Khalis said that the group of students raided Rohingya refugees because they felt they were Rohingya refugees behave badly.

“Today we saw Rohingya, for example, when they were given food, they refused, today we rejected the Rohingya ethnic group because they were causing trouble in society,” he said.

The video of the student’s action immediately invited various responses from netizens.

“Even though I really hope that those who are highly educated can take news from many sides—or at least restrain themselves,” commented netizens.

“It’s no different from the Israeli Zionists who they hate,” added another netizen.

“Oh Allah. Believe me. If they had a choice, they wouldn’t want to risk their lives crossing the ocean and then become refugees in your country! You are barbaric,” wrote netizens in the comments column.

“For SJW human rights defenders of the Rohingya but don’t want to go to their homes, don’t worry, the funds come from UNHCR, you SJWs just have to stay where you live,” said another.

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