Thursday 7 December 2023

The Origin of the Name `Fals` for Singer Iwan Fals, There is the Role of a Motorcycle Workshop Mechanic


Iwan Fals’ name has recently become a hot topic of conversation again. The reason is, he also responded to Gibran Rakabuming’s blunder regarding the mention of sulfuric acid.

This legendary singer joked by saying thanks to the word sulfuric acid that Gibran said.

“Hehehe Thank God, the lesson is that I know sulfuric acid and folic acid, previously I only knew tamarind, sour vegetables, sweet and sour vegetables,” said Iwan Fals in his tweet on account X.

Apart from this, Iwan Fals apparently also has a unique story about its current name.

The name Fals that was attached after Iwan’s name turns out to have a history. Not from his parents, this Fals was given to him by a mechanic at a motorbike repair shop named Engkus.

This was revealed via Youtube Vindes. At that time, Vincent asked a question about the figure of a motorbike repair mechanic named Engkus who made Iwan Fals quite well known today.

“Bang Iwan, what is it about music and Engkus, a motorbike repairman?” asked Vincent.

Iwan Fals immediately responded to the question while remembering nostalgia for the past.

“Well, he was the one who gave me the name Fals, he was the one who made up my name,” answered Iwan Fals.

According to him, the figure of Engkus has been very instrumental in his career journey to date.

Engkus, who is a mechanic and owner of a motorbike repair shop, is where Iwan Fals talks and sings. Because he knew he liked singing, Iwan Fals admitted that Engkus often told him to sing at every celebration event in Bandung.

Well, that’s where the name Iwan Fals started to become known to the public.

Illustration of a mechanic changing motorbike oil (Freepik/ArthurHidden) “So he was the one who gave me that name, he’s a motorbike repair shop, so he liked hearing that there was a celebration event like that, so he told me, ‘Wan is there “That’s the event, I’ll come play later’, so he wrote down my name to contribute a song, he wrote ‘Iwan Fals’, my own name is Fals, I often sing while joking, that’s why he likes to say ‘Ah, you too are Fals’,” said Iwan False.

Fals literally comes from the Dutch “vals” which means to deviate. In the world of music, the term false means sounding a note that does not match its original form.

Iwan Fals himself actually did not protest being called by that name. In fact, he still has the confidence to sing.

Until finally, he was known throughout the world of Indonesian music by that name.

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