Friday 1 December 2023

Vehicle Sales Reach IDR 6.71 T, But Only 2.91 Percent Of Them Are Electrically Powered


This week the electric motorbike exhibition and the Inbuyer EV Expo 2023 ecosystem took place at the Smesco Indonesia Building, Jakarta. As the name suggests, two-wheeled electrified vehicles are bought and sold, and future business development is monitored.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, the commitment to purchase Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business to Governemnt (B2G) electric vehicles includes 32,431 units.

Meanwhile, the number of commitments to purchase Business to Customer (B2C) electric motorbikes with total transactions reached IDR 2.09 billion for 156 vehicles.

The Indonesian Electric Motorcycle Industry Association (Aismoli) stated that at the electric motorbike exhibition and the Inbuyer EV Expo 2023 ecosystem, the B2B and B2G electric motorbike sales commitment reached IDR 423 billion.

“There have been many commitments from BUMN, especially from the plantation sector as well as from the fertilizer sector who are interested and will carry out purchases with a commitment of IDR 423 billion which will be transacted soon. That is the commitment,” explained Budi Setiyadi, General Chair of Aismoli at the 2023 EV Expo Inbuyer event.

He appealed to ministries/institutions and regional governments to implement the mandate of Presidential Instruction number 7 of 2022. Namely the mandate to gradually replace conventional vehicles with Electric Vehicles (EV).

Check out the battery deck for the Honda EM1 e: on the back of the electric motorbike which is supported by the Honda Mobile Power Pack e: battery (MPP e:) or can be operated swappable [/CNR ukirsari]. Budi Setiyadi also has plans to ask the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment to form a monitoring team to maximize the adoption of electric vehicles.

On the other hand, Chairman of the Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP) Hendrar Prihadi added that currently his party has responded to the publication of Presidential Instruction Number 7 of 2022, concerning the use of battery-based Electric Motor Vehicles as Government official vehicles by displaying car displays and battery-based electric motorbike in e-catalog.

“With this display case, every government agency that shops in the e-catalog will of course find it easy to choose environmentally friendly products, especially electric vehicles,” he explained.

As of November 29 2023, the transaction value of the e-catalog platform has reached IDR 188.3 trillion. Procurement of motorized vehicles is in the top five major transactions.

“Motor vehicle transactions reached IDR 6.71 trillion. Meanwhile, specifically for electric-based motor vehicles, it only reached IDR 195 billion or the equivalent of 2.91 percent,” he said.

The electric two-wheeled market in Indonesia is currently continuing to grow, with various models in circulation. As well as various types of batteries for supplying electric power.

Like the swappable battery model, where users only need to reach a location or stadium to exchange electric vehicle batteries that are easy to install.

There are also hybrid motorbikes that combine the power of an electric engine combined with power from petrol.

Apart from that, there are also conversion projects that change two-wheeled vehicles with conventional engines and convert them with engine grafts for electric power products.

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