Friday 15 December 2023

Want to Buy a Hybrid Car? Get to know the advantages and disadvantages


Hybrid cars are slowly starting to attract attention from potential consumers. This is because this car is claimed to be a fuel efficient vehicle.

Several automotive manufacturers also provide products for hybrid cars such as the Innova Zenix, Outlander PHEV, Yaris Cross, and many others.

Before buying a hybrid car, of course potential consumers must know the advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars as reported by Energy Sage.

Advantages of

1. Environmentally Friendly

Hybrid cars are claimed to be able to reduce air pollution. The reason is, this car does not contribute much to greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Save

Apart from reducing pollution, this car is also claimed to save money because cars no longer need to buy petrol. Moreover, the government will also provide tax incentives that will benefit potential buyers.

3. Silent

When on the road, this car is quite quiet because it uses electricity to drive the engine.

Weaknesses of

1. Expensive Maintenance

This car has quite expensive maintenance costs once it goes into a repair shop, especially for the battery.

2. High cost

Hybrid vehicles have several disadvantages that need to be considered. One drawback is the higher initial cost.

Typically, hybrid vehicles are more expensive to lease or buy compared to petrol cars.

3. Not always good for the environment

The use of electricity turns out to have a bad impact on the environment.

It is true that hybrid vehicles are cleaner than petrol cars, but they usually have higher emissions than pure electric vehicles and much higher than cycling or walking.

This means that the level of sustainability of a hybrid vehicle depends on how often you use electrical power and the electrical power source you use.

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