Saturday 2 December 2023

What are the differences between Pertamax and Pertalite? Here are 5 Facts


Pertamina, as Indonesia’s national oil and gas company, provides two types of fuel, namely Pertamax and Pertalite. Even though both are produced by the same company, there are significant differences between the two. Here are the 5 main differences between Pertamax and Pertalite:

1. Octane content

– Pertamax has a higher octane content, namely 92 (95 for the Pertamax turbo variant). – Pertalite has a slightly lower octane content, which is around 90.

2. Price

– Pertalite is sold at a more affordable price than Pertamax. – The price of Pertamax tends to be higher because of its higher octane content.

3. Usage

– Pertamax is generally used by vehicles that require high performance and speed, as well as for special purposes. – Pertalite is more suitable for everyday vehicles and conventional use.

4. Fuel Utilization

– Due to its high octane content, Pertamax can provide greater power, suitable for industrial purposes or power plants. – Pertalite is usually used as daily motor vehicle fuel.

5. Color Differences

– Pertamax has a dark green color, almost similar to the color of dark green leaves. – Pertalite has a yellowish or pale yellow color, resembling the yellow color of orange peel.

The choice between Pertamax and Pertalite can be adjusted to vehicle needs and user preferences. For those who prioritize high performance, Pertamax may be the main choice, while Pertalite is suitable for more cost-effective daily use. Always pay attention to vehicle specifications and fuel usage guidelines for best results.

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