Monday 25 December 2023

What are the signs of a car AC problem? Recognize the Symptoms for Quick Action


car AC is a feature that is very necessary to maintain comfort in the cabin, especially when driving in hot weather.

However, like other vehicle components, car AC is also susceptible to problems. Here are some signs that your car’s AC may be damaged, quoted from the official Suzuki website:

1. The temperature inside the car is not cold

The first sign to watch out for is when the temperature of the AC no longer feels cold or even not cold at all. This can reduce driving comfort and indicate a problem with the compressor.

2. AC Temperature Is Unstable

If the AC temperature feels unstable, there could be a problem with the magnetic clutch. The AC may feel cold when it is first turned on, but its performance decreases over time. This could indicate damage to the magnetic clutch components.

3. Noise from the AC

Noise heard when the AC is turned on could indicate a problem with the compressor. Don’t ignore this strange sound, because it can be caused by damage to compressor parts such as the piston or lack of oil.

4. Valve is Damaged or Doesn’t Close Perfectly

Damage to the AC valve can be caused by lack of maintenance. If the valve is damaged, it needs to be cleaned and readjusted so that the component can function normally.

5. Abnormal Compressor Ampere

If the compressor amperage is too high, it can cause problems with the compressor motor and even increase the risk of fire. Abnormal amperage monitoring needs to be a serious concern.

6. Compressor Heats Up Quickly

A compressor that heats up quickly is a sign of AC component damage. This condition can be caused by a lack of maintenance, such as rarely cleaning components or providing sufficient lubricant.

7. White Smoke Coming Out of the AC Hole

If there is white smoke coming out of the AC hole, this may indicate freezing of the AC evaporator. Check the thermostat and clean the evaporator to solve this problem.

8. Rusty Compressor

Rust on the AC compressor can hinder performance and cause further problems. If you see signs of rust or corrosion, pay attention and take necessary precautions.

Knowing these signs can help you quickly detect problems with your car AC. If you experience one or more of the signs above, immediately have your car checked by the nearest repair shop to prevent further damage and maintain the performance of your car’s AC in optimal condition.

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