Thursday 28 December 2023

What are the signs of leaking car spark plug cables?


Spark plug cables are one of the vital components in the ignition system in a car. Its function is very important to maintain optimal engine performance. One problem that may arise is a leak in the spark plug cable.

The following are several characteristics that can help you identify a leaking spark plug cable, according to the official Daihatsu website.

Illustration of spark plugs (Yamaha Indonesia) 1. Misfire in a car engine

Leaks in the spark plug cable can be detected through a misfire condition in the car engine. Misfire is characterized by violent vibrations and irregular sounds when the engine is started.

A leaking spark plug cable prevents the flow of electric current properly, so the engine becomes less responsive.

2. Difficult to Start

Engine or Easy to Stop Leaking spark plug wires can cause difficulty when starting the engine. In fact, the machine can easily stall after starting it. This is caused by the inability of the spark plug cable to convey electric current efficiently.

3. Wasteful Fuel Consumption

If suddenly the car’s fuel consumption becomes wasteful without any problems with the fuel system, check the condition of the spark plug cables. Spark plug wire leaks cause the engine to lose its responsiveness, requiring more fuel to operate.

4. Unpleasant Odor

An unpleasant odor from a car engine can be an indication of a spark plug cable leak. This condition arises due to incomplete combustion of fuel in the engine combustion chamber.

Recognizing these characteristics well can help you to overcome potential problems with spark plug cables early. Timely maintenance and replacement of spark plug wires will maintain the performance of your car’s engine and avoid more serious damage.

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