Friday 15 December 2023

When Awkarin asked about the car parking position at the meet up in South Korea, Fuji suddenly salted


Fujianti Utami alias Fuji was caught salting when asked by Awkarin while traveling in South Korea. This was revealed on Youtube @Karin Novilda.

Initially, Awkarin was making an appointment with Fuji at a restaurant in South Korea. This woman, whose real name is Karin Novilda, was already at the restaurant.

He waited for Fuji who was on his way to the restaurant while sipping a drink.

Then, Fuji, wearing black clothes with a white warm hat, came. When he arrived at the restaurant, he was immediately asked questions about car parking.

“Where will parking be?” said Awkarin.

Fuji was confused when he was asked this question.

“Parking… No, I don’t know,” answered Fuji while smiling at the camera.

This also sparked public questions about who Fuji was traveling with in South Korea. Not a few netizens are guessing that Fuji was brought by Asnawi Mangkualam through uploads from the kwtwati TikTok account.

“That was delivered by Nawi,” wrote @bun****.

“That’s when I was traveling alone in Korea without a team. Even though it was my first time going to Korea. As a person I knew, only Alam (Asnawi Mangkualam) was there,” explained @nin***.

However, Asnawi himself thought that Fuji was just a friend. Asnawi himself clarified this when broadcasting live together with Fuji and his friends.

“We used to be close, but now we’re friends,” said Asnawi Mangkualam quoted from the Instagram account @lambe__danu, Friday (15/12/2023).

However, their close relationship did not lead to Fuji and Asnawi dating. The two decided to continue their relationship as friends.

Therefore, Asnawi is now asking netizens to stop matching him with Fuji.

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