Sunday 24 December 2023

Who is Jeon Somi? The K-pop idol who was teased by netizens after making a video showing off Starbucks tumblers


IdolK-popJeon Somi received a lot of ridicule after uploading a video of herself doing make-up. However, the problem is not the make up, but the Starbucks tumbler in the video.

At the beginning of the video, it shows the moment Jeon Somi shows off the latest Starbucks tumbler. This then drew a lot of ridicule because Jeon Somi was seen as not having empathy for the people in Gaza, Palestine.

The reason is, currently the world community is boycotting several brands that support Israel, including Starbucks. Therefore, Jeon Somi showing off her latest Tumblr is considered not empathetic.

In fact, he was considered uneducated and was paid to show off the latest Tumblr. Some also highlighted that he didn’t drink anything on the Tumblr.

“How much is Somi endorsed by Starbucks?” commented one netizen.

“This is he who is stupid or doesn’t really understand the current situation, he can’t give empathy,” wrote another netizen.

“Starbucks? “Why is there no empathy at all, when K-pop idols are like this,” commented another account.

The upload was also trending and became a topic of conversation among netizens. Moreover, it is known that Jeon Somi herself is not just an idol. He is an idol who is known to have many fans. To find out more, see Jeon Somi’s profile below.

Profile of Jeon Somi

Having the name Ennik Somi Douma, she is known to have been born in Ontario, Canada on March 9 2001. However, for her stage name she is better known as Jeon Somi. He is a Canadian-Dutch-South Korean singer and songwriter based in South Korea.

His father is Matthew Douma, a Dutch citizen born in Canada, while his mother Jeon Sun-hee is Korean. He also has a younger sister named Evelyn Douma.

For his own education, he attended Seoul Fine Elementary School. After graduating, he continued to Seoyeon Middle School, then moved to Seoul’s Cheongdam Middle School. After that, he continued his education at Hanlim Multi Art School, which is a famous high school among South Korean idols.

The beginning of Jeon Somi’s music career was when Jeon Somi was in the industry, when she appeared on KBS2’s special children’s day program entitled Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 with Park Joon-hyung in 2013. After that, he was often invited to be an extra in several films.

Until 2014, Jeon Somi was finally accepted as a trainee after auditioning at JYP Entertainment. After that, she competed with other trainees to be able to debut in a girl group. However, he failed.

After returning to training and trying his luck, he officially debuted as a center in the group I.O.I in 2016. However, only lasting about 1-2 years, the group disbanded. Until 2018, Jeon Somi left the JYP Entertainment agency.

He decided to start his own career and is known as a solo singer to this day. He also has various singles and albums as a solo singer. His name itself is also increasing and gaining attention from the people of South Korea and the world. In fact, the songs are also quite famous in several countries.

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