Friday 22 December 2023

Who is Junior Roberts Ex-Girlfriend? His dating style with Sandrinna Michelle was insinuated and accused of brainwashing


Junior Roberts’ series of ex-girlfriends also came into the spotlight after his dating style with Sandrinna Michelle was opposed by Sandrinna’s own mother. Junior is considered to be going too far when dating Sandrinna, who is actually still underage.

Purwanti Skornicky even said that Junior brainwashed her daughter so that she directed her to bad things, including a dating style that was too mature.

Who are Roberts junior’s ex-girlfriends?

1. Hanggini

Before dating Sandrinna, Junior Roberts was known to be having an affair with Hanggini. The two of them were allegedly involved in love, aka love of location, after starring in the film Geez & Ann.

Several times Junior and the woman who is now Luthfi Aulia’s wife were seen sharing affection.

However, it was reported that the two of them broke up because Junior was allegedly cheating on them. On December 7 2021, Hanggini vented on Twitter or X by writing “Why is cheating normal for you?? WHY?”

Intimate portrait of Hanggini and Junior Roberts. (Instagram/@juniorrobertss) 2. Rebecca Klopper

Rebecca Klopper’s name is reportedly the cause of the breakdown of Junior and Jeha’s (Hanggini’s nickname) relationship. Again, the closeness between the two began when Rebecca and Junior competed in the webseries Mozachiko.

Apart from their closeness on the shooting location, Rebecca and Junior also look intimate in a photo shoot. Even so, this news was never confirmed by both parties.

3. Adhisty Zara

The next woman who was rumored to be Junior Roberts’ ex-girlfriend is Adhisty Zara. The two of them were seen close after meeting in the mini series I Hear(t) You.

In a video clip that went viral, the former JKT48 member even mentioned that Junior was easily involved in love with his co-star. Even so, Zara explained that she had never had a special relationship with Junior Roberts.

4. Dania Salsabila

Zara mentioned Dania’s name as one of the artists who was close to Junior Roberts. The two of them actually met on FTV 3xtraOrdinary.

Dania and Sandrinna Michelle’s lover also had the same project in the films Mariposa and Siri even though they were not the main actors.

However, again, Junior and Dania have never confirmed their relationship. The two of them were no longer seen close after the film project was completed.

5. Brisia Jodie

Singer who graduated from Indonesian Idol, Brisia Jodie apparently is also inseparable from the row of women who were reportedly close to Junior Roberts.

This closeness began to smell when the two of them were seen on holiday in the city. Even so, Jodie said that Juniors were just friends.

These are some of the beautiful artists who were said to be Junior Roberts’ ex-girlfriends before he is now dating Sandrinna Michelle.

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