Saturday 9 December 2023

Why is the price of Gibran Rakabuming`s Honda Scoopy at LHKPN so much lower than the general market?


In order to welcome the 2024 presidential election, everything related to the presidential and vice presidential candidate pairs is being widely explored, including their assets and wealth.

Lastly, the price of the HondaScoopy listed on Gibran Rakabuming’s LHKPN is no less surprising to the public.

In the LKHPN released by the KPK on October 24 2023, President Jokowi’s eldest son was recorded as having reported 7 vehicles. Of the seven vehicles, there are four cars and three motorbikes.

Gibran Rakabuming Raka. (/Novian) However, of the three motorbikes, Gibran’s Honda Scoopy has a very low price, at least compared to market prices.

The Honda Scoopy reportedly has a selling value of only IDR 7 million. If you look at the price list on the used motorbike market, the Honda Scoopy is currently being sold for around IDR 9 million.

Actually, it’s not just Gibran’s Scoopy, but this also applies to the vehicles of most officials listed on the LHKPN.

Why is the price lower than the price of a used car or motorbike on the market?

According to Duitpintar and, the Sales Value of a Motor Vehicle (NJKB) is the General Market Price (HPU) of a motor vehicle.

General Market Price here is the average price obtained from various accurate data sources.

NJKB is not the ‘normal’ market price of used vehicles as we know in the field, but rather the price or value that has been set by Dispenda (Regional Revenue Service) which previously obtained data from the Brand Holder Agent (APM).

New Honda Scoopy Stylish Green [PT Astra Honda Motor]. NJKB is used as the basis for calculating Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) and Motor Vehicle Title Transfer Fee. Therefore, the NJKB may be lower than market prices to ensure that the taxes paid by vehicle owners remain affordable.

In addition, the NJKB may not always reflect rapid market price fluctuations or changes in the condition of a particular vehicle.

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