Saturday 2 December 2023

Yamaha Bikers in South Sulawesi Never Miss Out on Participating in the bLU cRU Riding Experience Using the WR155R


When it comes to riding your favorite motorbike, every biker has their own way. Likewise the timing. However, when there is a place to support it, there will be excitement. This is the packaging made by PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) with the name bLU cRU Riding Experience. Among other things, it was held in Makassar City.

Quoted from a PT YIMM release as received by , the bLU cRU riding experience event using a Yamaha WR155R on an off road track is often held by Yamaha. Those present are consumers and the community.

This activity is carried out in various agendas. These include touring, trabasan and also focusing on educating Yamaha WR155R riding techniques on the circuit. For bLU cRU riding experience on off-road tracks, one of which took place in South Sulawesi.

 “BLU cRU riding experience activities using the WR155R are always eagerly awaited by Yamaha fans. This is a place for them to channel their passion for motorbikes on off-road tracks, as well as gain knowledge about proper driving techniques. “In the South Sulawesi region, we are actively holding this activity, and many bikers are interested in it,” explained Frengky J Tunandar, GM Marketing Main Dealer Yamaha PT. Suraco Jaya Abadi Motor.

The excitement of using the off-road circuit for the Yamaha WR155R at the bLU cRU riding experience event [ PT YIMM] He added that recently off-road activities using the Yamaha WR155R are often held on different circuits, making it even more interesting for participants. By taking advantage of the advantages of the WR155R, their riding experience increases, especially when guided by the Yamaha Riding Academy (YRI).

As “The Real Adventure Partner” motorbike, the Yamaha WR155R presents various advantages, both in terms of design, features and performance, which makes it the best adventure sports motorbike in its class so that it can support the rider’s adventure hobby activities.

This motorbike carries 155cc capacity, liquid cooled, 4-stroke engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology which is capable of producing 12.3 KW of power per 10,000 rpm and 14.3 Nm of torque per 6,500 rpm.

With strong and powerful engine performance, the Yamaha WR155R can be used reliably to explore various terrains, both on-road and off-road.

The Yamaha WR155R uses a long telescopic suspension with a large diameter of up to 41 mm, making it more comfortable for off-road activities because of its good damping capabilities.

The Yamaha WR155R relies on dual purpose tires to increase mobility in all road conditions. Apart from that, the flat YZ Series style seat design makes it easier for the driver to adjust the sitting position so that it supports agility when maneuvering.

At the bLU cRU Riding Experience event with the WR155R in the South Sulawesi area, the Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) together with the Main Yamaha Dealer PT Suraco Jaya Abadi Motor embraced consumers and the community to experience the superiority of the WR155R in conquering various characters, be it plantation areas, mountains, red land and others.

In this activity, bLU cRU concepts such as Enjoy, Skill Up, and Connect with each other were applied.

The driving experience of bLU cRU lovers in South Sulawesi using the Yamaha WR155R is often held on various off-road circuits in the Gowa, Maros and Makassar areas. Last week (26/11/2023) at the CPI Makassar circuit, dozens of participants took part in the bLU cRU riding experience using the WR155R.

“It feels special, being able to join in the bLU cRU riding experience with other Yamaha bikers. Moreover, it is held on an off-road circuit where the opportunity to ride on such terrain is not always available. “I also made the most of this opportunity by applying the knowledge gained from the Yamaha Riding Academy,” said Rudi, one of the participants who took part in the bLU cRU riding experience at the CPI Makassar circuit.

“Also of course using the WR155R optimally, this motorbike is very supportive on off-road tracks because of its capable performance, powerful engine and comfortable suspension, giving me a memorable experience,” he added.

This excitement is what makes consumers always look forward to events with other Yamaha users at the bLU cRU riding experience event.

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