Saturday 16 December 2023

Yamaha Indonesia Holds Exciting YSR 2023, Located on One of Our Country`s Most Beautiful Beaches


Concluding 2023, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing is holding a big celebration, namely the bLU cRU Fans Experience and the bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2023 (YSR 2023) which will be staged for two consecutive days, starting today, Saturday (16/12/2023) . The place is special too, at the Mandalika International Circuit or Mandalika International Circuit, Kuta, Pujut District, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Quoted from the official PT YIMM release as received by , this exotic location was chosen because of the special event packaged for the end of the year.

“Closing the end of 2023, we present the final series of the bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race at the Mandalika Circuit. “Apart from that, other interesting activities outside of racing can also be enjoyed, thereby providing a different experience with Yamaha at this special moment at the end of 2023,” explained Frengky Rusli, Assistant General Manager CS Division PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

YSR 2023 race leaflet which will be held in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara [PT YIMM]. He stated that from the results of this round the best champion in each class will be determined, both in the professional and community racers. The excitement of the tight competition in this racing competition will be eagerly awaited by all bLU fans. cRU, especially those present at the Mandalika circuit.

At the bLU cRU Fans Experience event as well as the bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2023 (YSR 2023), Yamaha is ready to pamper the bLU cRU Family consisting of consumers, communities, Yamaha fans so they can take part in a series of festive activities are being offered.

Such as bLU cRU hospitality booth, Sunday Morning Riding or sunmori, acoustic festival, entertainment, exhibition booth, YSRS kids, kids competition and Fazzio Youth Project. A 1,000 point bonus is available for My Yamaha Motor Member users and immediately get FREE Official Yamaha bLU cRU Apparel worth IDR. 350,000 (based on tier on My Yamaha Motor App: Blue, Bronze & Silver, Gold & Platinum).

There is also a bonus of 1,250 points plus a special discount for every purchase of Yamaha bLU cRU apparel, visitors can share the excitement of using bLU cRU Official Apparel at this event and have the opportunity to win prizes worth IDR 5 million for 10 photos of the best moments.

Then, no less interesting is the race itself, YSR 2023 which presents various race classes. Includes Superstock 1000 cc and Superstock 600 cc. Then R25 Pro, R25 Com Pro, R25 Com A and R25 Com B. There are also R15 Pro, R15 Idemitsu bLU cRU Junior Pro, R15 Com A, R15 Com B and R15 Com B Beginner. No less special, the two supporting classes are MX King 150 Open and Aerox 155 Community.

Competition in the R25 Pro class is one of the excitements to look forward to. Especially at the moment before the end of the year, when the racers have to take part in the year-end competition. The best national teams took part, starting from Yamaha RRS, Yamaha Akai Jaya, Yamaha HDS, Yamaha Ziear ARL The Strokes55, Yamaha Aditama, Yamaha ASR, and many more.

No less to make you proud, the best Yamaha Indonesia riders who take part in national and international competitions will be present to make the Mandalika Circuit track even more exciting. You can listen to the names of famous Yamaha racers who are familiar. Such as Galang Hendra Pratama, Aldi Satya Mahendra, Rey Ratukore, Wahyu Nugroho, M Faerozi, Gupita Kresna, Wahyu Aji, Anggi Setiawan, R Fadhil, Fahmi Bassam, Felix PM, and many more.

Everyone is ready to compete all out for points in two races, to win the overall title of bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2023. Especially in the initial round, AM Fadly and Galang Hendra Pratama shared the championship podium in the first and second races.

For the R15 Idemitsu bLU cRU Junior Pro category, a number of young talents took part. Here the racers who have dominated national races such as the 2023 OnePrix National Championship or the 2023 MotoPrix National Championship compete. These include Arai Agaska, Akbar Abud, Sabian Fathul and so on. At the inaugural YSR 2023 Mandalika series, 15 racers participated, with Yamaha R15 Connected mounts and wearpacks prepared directly by Yamaha Indonesia.

Some of Yamaha’s best racers at international level are the result of Idemitsu Junior Pro training. Such as Aldi Satya Mahendra (R3 bLU cRU European Championship and WorldSSP300 wild card) and Wahyu Nugroho (Asia Road Racing Championship).

Meanwhile, a number of communities such as YROI, YR15CI, COIN ROB1 CYA Motorsport and others are ready to fight in the community class and fight for the championship title for the highest standing points. For example, in the R25 Community Professional class which is currently led by OM Iqbal, Wahdan Nurfauzi is in first place in R25 Community A, while in the R15 Community A class there is Alvian Hadiputra.

Likewise, the community from various Superstock 1000, Superstock 600, YZF-R25 and YZF-R15 classes who can’t wait to undergo free practice sessions, qualifications and races at the YSR 2023 Mandalika final. They want to experience the sensation of motorsport racing again on a track that has long been synonymous with MotoGP and WorldSBK racing.

Welcome to the year-ending event at the Mandalika International Circuit on Yamaha’s big event day!

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