Friday 15 December 2023

10 Years of Michael Schumacher`s Disaster, F1 People Feel Lost Even Though He Existed


In the world of racing, including Formula 1 (F1), drivers can experience accident situations while competing on the track or outside the circuit.

Lastly, there are various causes. Whether it involves motorized vehicles or not. An example is experienced by Michael Schumacher. Famous F1 driver from Germany who won the F1 World Champion title seven times (1994-1995, 2000-2004). He experienced a disaster during the 2013 Christmas holidays or exactly 10 years ago in Meribel, France. At that time his family was skiing and he fell in the snow.

In medical language, the condition when experiencing an accident at a speed of less than 30 km per hour (compared to the speed of an F1 land jet which reaches 372.5 km per hour) is referred to as a near-fatal brain injury and in everyday language it is expressed as ” a hopeless case”.

Jean Todt and his wife Michelle Yeoh (Instagram/@michelleyeoh_official) One of his friends, Jean Todt, who when Michael Schumacher fought under the Scuderia Ferrari flag, served as the team’s technical director, stated, “Michael is still with us. He is in good hands , cared for lovingly by his wife Corinna, and their two children. I have had the precious opportunity to remain close to him all these years. However, he is not the Michael he used to be.”

A day ago, Thursday (14/12/2023), a German language documentary consisting of five series, entitled Being Michael Schumacher, was broadcast in Germany only via ARD media.

This documentary is the latest, previously a documentary film entitled Schumacher was made in 2021 with directors Hanns-Bruno Kammertöns, Vanessa Nöcker, and Michael Wech, which was distributed internationally via Netflix.

Michael Schumacher with his wife Corinna in Switzerland [Shutterstock/Oskar Schuler] Quoted from GP Fans, the final of 2023 or December marks a decade since Michael Schumacher had an accident while ice skiing in Italy.

Lewis Hamilton, F1 driver from the Mercedes team, expressed his respect for the senior who he replaced on the land jet racing stage.

After Michael Schumacher hung up his helmet in 2012 or a year before the tragedy, Lewis Hamilton–with a reputation now equal to Michael Schumacher, also a seven-time world champion–replaced his position in the Mercedes F1 team.

Previously Lewis Hamilton raced for the McLaren team (2007-2012) and starting in 2013 he competed with the Mercedes flag. Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher was at the Ferrari team (1996-2006) and switched to Mercedes (2010-2012).

The two have never shared a podium together, but as Lewis Hamilton mentioned, Michael Schumacher is an inspiration for millions of fans.

“He won everything, when Ayrton Senna died (1 May 1994), Michael Schumacher became world champion, then dominated for a long period with the Ferrari team. He won everything,” said Lewis Hamilton, paying tribute to one of his seniors in F1.

Quoted from The Independent, one of the UK’s leading media, drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso – two-time F1 World Champions – contributed testimonials in the documentary Being Michael Schumacher.

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