Wednesday 20 December 2023

2023 Christmas Holidays, Here are the Jakarta - Yogyakarta Toll Rates


Jasa Marga last week said the Trans-Java Toll Road to Yogyakarta would be one of the most congested routes in the Christmas holiday season, aka Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024.

Most travelers from Jakarta are believed to be using the toll road to get to Yogyakarta during the holidays the end of 2023. Because of this, it is important to know how much the JakartaYogyakarta toll fee is.

The JakartaYogyakarta toll rate for class I vehicles is IDR 453,000. This rate is provided that the driver enters via the JakartaCikampek Toll Road and exits at the Colomadu Toll Gate.

Here are the details:

Jakarta-Cikampek: IDR 20,000Cikopo-Palimanan: IDR 119,000Palimanan-Kanci: IDR 12,500Kanci-Pejagan: IDR 29,500Pejagan-Pemalang: IDR 60,000Pemalang-Batang: IDR 45,000Batang-Semarang: (K alikangkung) : IDR 86,000Semarang ABC: IDR 5,500Semarang ABC-Solo: IDR 75,000 Previously, Jasa Marga predicted that the peak of homecoming traffic would occur on Friday, 22 December 2023, for the Christmas period and Saturday, 30 December 2023, for the New Year period.

The prediction is that the reverse flow will occur on Tuesday, December 26 2023 for the Christmas period and Monday, January 1 2024, for the 2024 New Year period.

Jasa Marga predicts the number of cars leaving the Jabotabek area on H-7 Christmas 2023 to H+3 New Year 2024 (18 December 20234 January 2024) reached 2.88 million units, a jump of 14.2 from normal traffic volume.

Meanwhile, the number of vehicles entering Jabodetabek is predicted to reach 2.89 million units or an increase of 14.1 percent from normal traffic.

According to Jasa Marga, most cars will pass through four main toll gates, namely GT Cikampek Utama and GT Kalihurip Utama (direction to Trans-Java and Bandung), GT Ciawi (direction to Puncak), and GT Cikupa (direction to Merak).

That’s the list of the latest JakartaYogyakarta toll rates which can be used as a benchmark for those of you who are going on holiday at the end of this year.

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