Wednesday 20 December 2023

If you intend to change to new tires, should you consider the price or how long will it last?


Changing new tires for a motorbike may sound trivial. However, usually motorbike owners are faced with the choice of price or choosing durable materials.

For this reason, Technical Service & Development Dept Head of PT Suryaraya Rubberindo Industries, Jimmy Handoyo, suggested that before replacing new tires, there are standard standards that need to be considered.

First, it is recommended to adjust your needs and type of motorbike first.

“There are many choices of tires, for scooters, scooters or sports on the market. Be it in terms of design, price to brand or manufacturer. The features and technology offered are also varied. “So be wise in choosing,” said Jimmy, quoted Tuesday (19/12/2023).

Because from there, added Jimmy, this will affect the selling price. So it’s best to adjust your pocket capacity accordingly. Just don’t be forced to buy cheap tires, the risk will only last a short time.

Illustration of motorbike tires and car tires. (Pixabay) “This means, if there is a price for tires, then there is quality. “It’s better to buy tires that are a little more expensive than branded products whose quality has been tested, but their lifespan is also a bit longer,” added Ade.

When it comes to design or development, it depends on taste, but the most important thing is that the tire is able to work optimally to channel water when passing on a wet track and is capable of gripping the asphalt.

“In terms of size, to be safe, it’s best to just follow the standards. It’s different if there have been changes to the wheels, with the aim of being able to use tires with wider dimensions. “This is a special need,” continued Jimmy again.

When you want to change to new tires, also consider daily use. For example, if you often use your motorbike on somewhat damaged tracks, often carry heavy items or often carry passengers, avoid tires whose compounds are too soft.

The reason is that this will also reduce the service life of the tires. So you should choose tires that suit your needs.

Currently on the market there are also many radial type tires, especially for sports motorbikes. For those who have more funds, you can buy this type of tire. “Radial tires have better capabilities than bias tires. “Because the material and construction are specially designed, radial tires are maximally reliable in various track conditions,” concluded Jimmy.

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