Thursday 21 December 2023

4 Recommended Sleeper Buses Apart from Rosalia Indah, Must Try on Vacation


Sleeper bus is a new trend that can be chosen for traveling. This reclining bus not only provides private space for passengers but also doubles comfort. Now, the best sleeper bus alternative besides Rosalia Indah is being sought after by many passengers.

The incident of lost belongings of the fleet passengers which went viral on social media made customers look at other alternatives. Of course with first class no less than Rosalia Indah. If you are one of the reclining bus users, these three alternatives might be worth a look.

1. Unicorn

Sleeper bus Unicorn offers the Jogja – Jakarta route. Of course, you can imagine how comfortable it would be to lie down throughout the journey across half of the island of Java. Unicorn is an autobus company (PO) under the auspices of PT CSM Corporatama (Indorent). Indorent buses on the JakartaYogyakarta route officially operate with fares starting from IDR 400,000.

According to the official Instagram account @indorent_bus, there are three classes offered by Indorent buses, namely executive class IDR 400,000, super executive class IDR 425,000 and first class IDR 450,000. For the JakartaYogyakarta route, buses depart morning – evening. Meanwhile, the Yogyakarta-Jakarta route departs evening – morning.

In one trip there are two drivers who drive alternately with only two stops, namely when refueling and taking a lunch break. From the photos shared, it can be seen that the Indorent sleeper bus facilities have seats that extend like a bed and are equipped with a small TV and socket for charging cellphone batteries and curtains.

2. Juragan 99

PO Juragan 99 Trans released the latest version of the reclining bus with more luxurious facilities compared to the previous release at the end of 2022. This skipper from Malang commands buses that travel to Jakarta and West Java.

Bus Juragan 99 (Ist) The latest release PO Juragan 99 Trans has a number of facilities like a five star hotel. This fleet even provides massage chairs and private TVs. The chair design is also arranged in two models, namely reclining and sitting.

In the sleeper room there is an electronic air filter facility. Then it is also equipped with a CCTV camera outside for security. In the sleeper room there is also a pillow, then a blanket, then slippers, as well as exclusive snacks and air conditioning.

3. Sinar Jaya

Sinar Jaya Suite Class Bus ( A fleet of sleeper bus providers that is no less impressive is Sinar Jaya. With the long route Jakarta – Surabaya, it seems passengers will not be sorry to dig into their pockets for comfort. The price is around IDR 425,000. The sleeper room format with 1 – 1 seating will certainly add to comfort.

4. Pesona Bus

The newest tourist bus from Pesona Transport Service owned by Mas Wahid is even more comfortable because it uses a completely new body and chassis.

The new bus body with the name Perintis 001, is installed with the Laksana Legacy SR2 S Series body with the XHD Prime type. Visually, this bus looks elegant with a white base color combined with red graphics around the windshield, shawl and part of the roof.

Youtuber Mas Wahid’s Pesona Bus [Instagram_mas wahid] Overall, the XHD Prime body produced by Laksana is included in the high deck bus category with a bus height of around 3.89 meters. This bus body can accommodate various seat configurations, either 2-2 (47 seats) or 2-3 (59 seats). In addition, the XHD Prime body can also be used on triple axle buses.

The Laksana Legacy SR2 S Series XHD Prime bus body was then paired with a chassis made by Hino. Mas Wahid said, “Using RK8 R 260.” In terms of specifications, the Hino R260 chassis has a capacity of 7,684 cc, 6 cylinders, 4 stroke, turbocharger, intercooler, with a diameter x stroke profile of 112 mm x 130 mm. This engine is capable of producing maximum power of 260 PS at 2,500 rpm and peak torque of 745 Nm at 1,500 rpm.

This bus with a total weight of 14,200 kg uses a rear engine with a manual transmission system. This bus suspension uses a Rigid Axle with Semi Elliptic Leaf Springs & Rigid Axle with Tapper Leaf Springs.

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