Saturday 23 December 2023

4 Signs that a Motorcycle Shockbreaker is Starting to Break, Here are the Characteristics


Shockbreaker is a component on a motorbike that has a vital role. The reason is, this component functions to reduce shocks when motorbikes pass on bumpy to steep roads.

This component, which is usually called suspension, also has an effect on maintaining comfort and stability when driving.

However, quite a few motorcyclists pay attention to the condition of the shockbreaker, whether it is still suitable for use or not.

Even though this is very vital for motorists when driving. So what do you need to know to see the signs that the shockbreaker is starting to wear out? Here are 4 characteristics quoted from the Astra Honda page.

1. The tire is starting to wobble

When a motorcyclist feels that the tire is wobbling or unstable, it is very likely that the shockbreaker has started to wear out and must be replaced immediately.

2. A strange sound appears

Motorists must be alert when they hear strange sounds coming from the suspension. Usually this sound is a rough squeak.

3. Excessive shock

When crossing potholes or uneven roads, shocks that feel much greater than usual could be an indication of decreased suspension performance.

4. Oil leak

Shockbreaker oil leak which is characterized by fluid seepage around the suspension indicates damage to the seal. This can reduce shock absorption and make the motorbike unstable.

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