Saturday 23 December 2023

Lady Bikers Must Know, Here Are Tips for Safely Riding a Motorbike on the Road to Avoid Accidents


It has become commonplace for lady bikers to often roam the streets using motorbikes.

However, there are quite a few of them who don’t really understand safe tips when riding a motorbike on the road.

The Astra Motor Yogyakarta Safety Riding Instructor Team is now sharing tips for safe riding on motorbike roads, especially for lady bikers. There are five things that lady bikers must pay attention to.

1. Concentration When Driving

Concentration plays an important role when driving on the road. Moreover, this has also been regulated in Law no. 22 of 2009 article 106 paragraph (1) which states that drivers must pay attention to the road with focus.

Concentrate when driving so as not to pose a danger to the safety of yourself, passengers and other road users.

One way to drive with full concentration is not to use a cell phone when and while driving. The meaning of “full concentration” is that every person who drives a motorized vehicle is not distracted, one of which is by using a telephone or cell phone.

2. Wearing a helmet

When wearing a helmet, lady bikers must pay attention because this item is important to protect our heads.

Here are tips for choosing a helmet so that it is safe and comfortable when used:

a. Choose a helmet that has the SNI label.

b. Use a helmet according to size.

c. Avoid using a helmet with wet hair, wearing excessive hair accessories.

d. Before using a helmet, make sure your hair and bangs are neat and don’t get in the way when you’re driving. You can tie your hair or use a head covering to keep your hair neat and not tangled when exposed to the wind.

e. For hijab users when driving with a helmet, choose hijab material that is not slippery, use an inner hijab, this aims to provide a comfortable feeling. Use a simple hijab model, when you arrive at your destination you can adjust the hijab model to what you want so you can still look beautiful and neat even when wearing a helmet.

f. Don’t forget to “click” when using a helmet, this is an important point when we use a helmet. Wow, it could increase the potential for danger if it is forgotten.

3. Carrying Luggage

There are definitely quite a few lady bikers who carry luggage in the form of sideways bags. It turns out that this can be dangerous when driving.

When riding on a motorbike and carrying a bag, you are worried that it could disturb your concentration and cause other potential dangers (getting caught in foreign objects on the road/other vehicles and criminal acts), it is recommended that ladies store your bag while driving in the trunk of your motorbike to maintain safety and comfort.

Riding a motorbike is indeed the most comfortable and safest using a backpack.

4. Choosing the use of footwear

Just like bags, women’s footwear also varies greatly in style. However, you need to pay attention, ladies wear footwear that covers up to the ankles.

For those who like to wear sandals that have heels or high heels, it is best to avoid them, because they can interfere with female drivers controlling their balance while driving.

So, to make driving safer and more comfortable, it is recommended to wear shoes.

5. Using Skirts When Riding a Motorbike

We often see female riders or passengers riding motorbikes wearing skirts while riding.

The use of skirts when riding a motorbike is not prohibited, but in safety riding it is recommended that motorbike users wear long trousers when riding.

Wearing trousers when riding a motorbike is considered to be more comfortable and allows you to move freely when controlling the motorbike.

Ladies can wear a skirt as a replacement when you have reached your destination, isn’t our safety on the road or when riding a motorbike a priority?

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