Saturday 23 December 2023

Temporarily Suspend Delivery of Models Result of Collaboration with Daihatsu, Toyota Indonesia Mentions Safety Products


Toyota Indonesia has temporarily suspended deliveries of several Toyota models in Indonesia, especially for products developed with Daihatsu. This suspension is a follow-up to the discovery of several procedures that did not comply with standards by Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd which was announced April 28 2023.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, previously the principal of Daihatsu in Japan had received the results of an investigation from the Independent Third Party Committee which found that there was inappropriate data in several vehicles which led to the suspension of deliveries of affected models, both for distribution local or abroad.

Okudaira Soichiro, President of Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd said that it would take this seriously to provide comfort to every customer spread across various countries.

“We will take this situation very seriously, because this shakes the foundation of the company as a car manufacturer,” explained Okudaira Soichiro.

President Joko Widodo when reviewing the Toyota Fortuner export product at the “Export Release of 2 Million Units by PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia and the First Export of the Fortuner to Australia” [PT TMMIN]. So the announcement made by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (DMC) and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) on December 20 2023 in Japan is a form of principal responsibility and commitment in following up on irregularities in certification procedures which were previously announced on April 28 2023.

“We would like to confirm that currently customers are “Using Toyota products, including those developed jointly with Daihatsu, there is no need to worry or take any action, and you can continue to use your vehicle as usual,” said Toyota Indonesia in an official statement on Friday (22/12/2023).

For the record, Toyota Indonesia includes PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) and PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN). Both guarantee the safety of vehicles produced jointly with Daihatsu in Indonesia.

This official statement also states that all products produced with Daihatsu in Indonesia have complied with all specified regulations and processes.

Toyota Indonesia has also coordinated with the Indonesian Government regarding this issue, and outlined all the facts related to the current case.

“After consulting regarding next actions, it was decided that the vehicle delivery process, including models developed jointly with Daihatsu by Toyota Indonesia, had returned to normal starting on December 22 2023 to meet the needs of customers in Indonesia,” read Toyota Indonesia’s official statement.

The Indonesian government hopes that affected exports can resume as soon as possible after confirmation from the relevant authorities in the export destination country.

Meanwhile, Daihatsu Indonesia also ensures that all production carried out in Indonesia is not affected by what is happening in Japan, such as quality and safety problems.

“Daihatsu vehicles comply with applicable regulations. We continue to coordinate with Indonesian government authorities. Daihatsu customers can still use their vehicles safely and comfortably,” wrote Daihatsu Indonesia’s official statement.

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