Friday 15 December 2023

5 Cheap and Gasoline Efficient Motorcycle Options, Suitable for Ojols Who Like Wira-wiri


Cheap and fuel-efficient motorbikes are certainly an option for motorbike taxi drivers who like to pick up their fortune.

Motorbike taxi mobility is quite high. Moreover, when they get quite a lot of orders, they will pass from one address to another in search of sustenance.

With high mobility, of course motorbike taxi drivers need motorbikes that are affordable and also fuel efficient.

So what are the motorbikes that are suitable for motorbike taxis at low prices and of course fuel efficient?

Here are 5 cheap and fuel efficient motorbikes reported from various sources.

1. Honda Beat

Honda Beat Deluxe 2020. (Instagram/@ryannuryanto) This Honda-produced motorbike is suitable for motorbike taxi drivers. With eSP technology and an engine capacity of 110 cc, this motorbike is claimed to be able to cover 60.6 km for one liter of petrol.

The price of the Honda BeAT starts from IDR 18 million.

2. Yamaha Vega Force

Yamaha Vega Force Metallic Red [PT YIMM]. Yamaha Vega Force could be another option for ojol in search of sustenance. This moped is claimed to be quite fuel efficient with an engine capacity of 114 cc.

In one liter, Vega Force can cover a distance of 55 km. As for the price, this motorbike starts at IDR 16 million.

3. Honda Scoopy

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Launches New Honda Scoopy at IMOS+ 2023. (Photo: AHM) Another, economical motorbike from Honda, namely the Honda Scoopy. This motorbike is often found on the streets because of its retro design.

The Honda Scoopy is claimed to be fuel efficient at 59 km/liter. As for prices, this motorbike is priced starting from 21 million.

4. Yamaha Jupiter Z Gen 2

Yamaha Jupiter Z1 in Metallic Red with a touch of gray graphics [PT YIMM]. The fourth choice of motorbike which is said to have good fuel economy figures is the Yamaha Jupiter Z gen2.

This motorbike can travel 55 km on one liter of petrol. The price of the Yamaha Jupiter Z starts from IDR 19.79 million.

5. Honda Supra The X 125 is capable of traveling up to 57.2 km per liter thanks to the 125 cc, 4 stroke, SOHC, single cylinder engine.

The Honda Supra X 125 is priced starting from IDR 18 million.

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