Friday 15 December 2023

Pratama Arhan was caught riding with his wife and in-laws on a Honda Scoopy without a helmet on the road, netizens salfok in hijab


Indonesian national team player, Pratama Arhan, was caught carrying his wife and in-laws on a Honda Scoopy without wearing a helmet. Netizens even misfocused on the hijab that Azizah Salsha’s mother wore when riding a motorbike.

As is known, Azizah Salsha visited Pratama Arhan’s residence in Blora. She invited her mother and several siblings to enjoy the beauty of her husband’s hometown.

In several moments spread on social media, there is one activity that is in the public spotlight.

Pratama Arhan was seen riding behind Azizah Salsha and her in-laws on a Honda Scoopy. All three of them did not use helmets when riding motorbikes.

This was revealed in an upload from the TikTok account @_zizearho. The three of them were seen on a Honda Scoopy with Pratama Arhan as the driver.

Meanwhile, his wife, Azizah Salsha, was in front of Arhan, followed by her father-in-law, Nurul Anastasia. They also toured Blora while enjoying the view of the rice fields there.

However, some netizens actually misfocused on the hijab worn by Pratama Arhan’s in-laws.

“I’m really scared that Mum’s hood will get into the tire spokes,” wrote @flu***.

“Be careful, mom… your hijab is afraid of getting caught in the wheels… always be healthy, mommy family,” explained @urs***.

“Be careful with your hijab, I’m afraid it will get wrapped around the wheels,” said @ak****.

Riding Rules for Women Wearing the Hijab

When using a motorbike, both the rider and the pillion rider must pay attention to safety. As reported by Wahana Honda, there are several tips that might be possible.

1. Simple clothing

Motorists should wear comfortable and simple clothing, no need to overdo it. If necessary, use a jacket that fits your body.

Don’t forget, keep valuables such as cellphones and wallets in a closed jacket.

2. Necessary accessories

If you wear a long hijab, make sure the veil is not cumbersome, especially when the hijab is blown by the wind. Always make sure, when starting to drive, the ends of the hijab are in the occupied position.

Don’t use a scarf that is too wide. Because if the knot is untied unknowingly, the scarf could cover your view. This is clearly very dangerous.

3. Helmets Must Fit

Using a helmet is mandatory for motorcyclists. Even if your trip is a short distance, still wear a helmet to maintain safety.

Choose a helmet that suits your head size. Don’t be too big or too small. If the size is not right, it can make your head dizzy, and this means it can make your trip uncomfortable.

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