Saturday 16 December 2023

5 Cheap Used Sedan Type Cars: Priced at 50 Million, Looks Not Shy


Among the many types of cars, it cannot be denied that the sedan type is the vehicle that experiences the fastest depreciation in price, and the decline is the largest.

It’s not surprising that old sedans, although still reliable, can now be found at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a used car on a limited budget but still want to appear in a style that is not out of date, here is a list of used sedans at affordable prices that can still make you proud:

Timor S515i Edition 1996. (Youtube/B Channel) 1. Timor DOHC Price: 20-30 Million

Timor DOHC may sound like a classic choice, but this car has its own charm. With an affordable price range, you can get a roadworthy car with a classic style.

2. Suzuki Baleno 2000s Price: 40 Million

Suzuki Baleno 2000s generation offers a combination of elegant design and affordable price. Reliable engines and fuel efficiency make the Baleno remain an attractive choice for a used sedan.

3. Toyota Corolla Late 90s Edition Price: 40-50 Million

Toyota Corolla is always a safe choice, and the late 90s edition provides a classic touch that still looks modern. With a pocket-friendly price range, the Corolla remains one of the sought-after used sedans.

Honda Civic Genio. ( 4. Toyota Soluna Price: 30-50 Million

Toyota Soluna comes with a simple but elegant design. The affordable price makes it an attractive option for those looking for a used car on a budget.

5. Honda Civic Genio Price: 40-60 Million

Honda Civic Genio offers sporty style and reliable performance. With a fairly varied price range, you can find a Civic Genio that fits your budget.

Each of the used sedans above offers more value in terms of price and appearance. However, it is important to always check the condition of the engine and vehicle documents before deciding to buy.

Don’t forget to prepare an extra budget for repair costs because old cars usually require a lot of “snacks”.

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