Saturday 16 December 2023

IIMS 2024 Will Follow a Number of New Brands, Targeting Transactions of IDR 5 Trillion


The Indonesia International Motor Show or IIMS 2024 automotive exhibition will be held on 15-25 February 2024 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta and will be attended by several new car brands in the country.

IIMS 2024 Project Manager Rudi MF said that this year’s exhibition would be attended by more exhibitors, including several electric car manufacturers from China.

The new brands include Neta, Great Wall Motor and BYD. The three of them are Chinese automotive giants who will focus on the Indonesian electric vehicle market.

“Many new automotive brands will join, presenting their newest products,” said Rudi at a press conference Thursday (15/12/2023).

Although he cannot divulge the total number of participants, Rudi ensures that participants, both four-wheeled, two-wheeled and accessories at the event which will be held exactly one day after Valentine’s Day and the General Election, will increase compared to 2023.

Rudi targets the number of visitors and total transactions at IIMS 2024 to exceed last year’s achievements, namely 470 thousand visitors and total transactions above IDR 5 trillion.

“In terms of the number of new automotive brands, some are new to Indonesia, even showing their products for the first time at an automotive exhibition, they will be present at IIMS 2024, which is definitely more than two (new brands),” Rudi explained.

Wider area

Previously, Dyandra Promotionndo President Director Daswar Marpaung said that IIMS 2024 would use a larger area, because it would use a new area, namely Hall B JIExpo.

This addition to the exhibition area seems to have been made because there are several new automotive brands taking part in the annual exhibition.

“For exhibitors as of today, all the places available at IIMS 2024 are full,” claimed Daswar.

Apart from the automotive exhibition, IIMS 2024 will also present a entertainment stage and bring in top artists. The artists who will appear are Kahitna at February 16, Ari Lasso February 17, Andre Taulany and Friends February 18, and Dewa 19 feat. Marcello Tahitoe as the closing performer on February 25.

“This is a sign of an optimistic spirit in 2024, especially the automotive and creative industries, in our music and entertainment side better than in 2023,” said Rudi MF.

The entrance tickets for IIMS 2024 are divided into two categories, namely IIMS Infinite Show specifically for automotive exhibitions, and IIMS Infinite Live for entertainment and music.

For weekdays, entrance tickets are a combination of IIMS Infinite Show and IIMS Infinite Live, so visitors can watch both at once and only pay IDR 50,0000.

Meanwhile, specifically for weekends, entrance tickets for IIMS Infinite Show and IIMS Infinite Live are sold separately, namely IDR 85,000 only for the automotive exhibition and IDR 185,000 for both.

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