Monday 18 December 2023

5 Unique Facts about Honda E, Next Year`s Lethal Injection?


Honda has officially announced that production for its flagship battery electric vehicle (BEV) model, the Honda e, will end in January next year (2024). The Honda e, which has a unique and cheerful design, first debuted in 2020 and has been sold in Europe and its home market, Japan, for around 4.95 million yen (around 532 million rupiah).

Reporting from Autobuzz, although the Honda e has received quite a lot of attention from the public around the world thanks to its unique design, due to its high price, below average battery range, unsatisfactory sales, coupled with global inflation, we have to say goodbye to Honda’s cute electric car.

Honda E. (Car Throttle) 1. End of Production January 2024

Production of the Honda e BEV was officially announced to end in January 2024, marking the end of the existence of this model which has an attractive design.

2. Unique and Adorable Design

Honda e has received attention because of its unique and cheerful design. Equipped with cute LED headlights and a retro-futuristic design, this car has a striking appearance.

3. Performance and Range

Powered by a single motor in the rear, the Honda e is capable of producing up to 136 hp (metric). With a 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, this car has a range of up to 259 km on a single charge.

4. Fast Charging Technology

Honda e can be charged with a maximum of 22 kW using AC charging, enabling a charge from zero to full in 4.1 hours. DC charging with a maximum speed of 50 kW can charge a car from 0% to 80% in 30 minutes.

5. Sophisticated Interior

Honda e is equipped with five screens along the dashboard, including an 8-inch digital instrument cluster, two 12.3-inch central screens, and two 6-inch side screens as side camera displays. Advanced safety features, such as lane departure warning, lane departure prevention assist system and automatic parking system, can also be found depending on the variant selected.

Although the Honda e attracts attention with its unique design and advanced technology, challenges such as high price and below-average battery range put it in a tough competitive landscape. Even so, the legacy of the adorable design will still be remembered when production ends.

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