Monday 18 December 2023

What is Car Coating? What are the pluses and minuses? Prepare at least this much money


Car coating has become a popular trend among automotive enthusiasts, especially with the emergence of viral nano coatings.

Coating is the process of adding a special layer to the surface of a car, using materials such as silicon dioxide which is often used on glass or ceramics.

This technique not only makes the car look new, but also protects the paint color, provides a bright shine, and various other benefits.

However, this method also has pluses and minuses. According to information from the official Daihatsu website, here are the details:

Latest car illustration (pixabay) Benefits of Car Coating

1. Prevents Color Fading

Coating protects cars from the bad effects of UV rays which can make colors fade and dull.

2. Strong against scratches

The paint surface becomes more scratch resistant, especially with the use of high quality coatings.

3. Strong on Fungus and Water

Coating makes the car resistant to water spots and fungal attacks, maintaining surface moisture and beauty.

Disadvantages of Car Coating

1. Long Process

The coating process takes a long time, especially for daily cars or those that are old.

2. High Costs

Coating costs can reach millions of rupiah, depending on the type of coating and the size of the car.

3. Risk of Error

Coating risk occurs when human error occurs, such as unevenness and the car body looking streaked.

Car Coating Prices

Car coating prices vary depending on the package and size of the car. Here are some estimates of coating prices based on packages:

a. Nano Platinum Package (4 Layer Nano Ceramic Coating):

– Luxury Car: IDR 8 Million- Large Size Car: IDR 6 Million- Medium Size Car: IDR 5.5 Million- Small Size Car: IDR 4.5 Million

b. Nano Supreme Package (2 Layer Nano Ceramic Coating Special for LCGC Cars):

– Medium Size Car: IDR 2.5 Million – Small Size Car: IDR 2 Million

This price is an estimate and may vary between service providers. It is recommended to provide sufficient funds for the type of coating desired.

Although expensive, the protective benefits and aesthetic enhancement that coatings offer make them a choice for many automotive enthusiasts.

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