Monday 18 December 2023

Wuling Collaborates with Cellular Operator Companies to Strengthen the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem in Indonesia


Wuling Motors (Wuling) announced a collaboration with telecommunications operator, Telkomsel to strengthen the electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia.

Along with the official launch of the Binguo EV electric car, Wuling confirms its commitment to providing a connected and innovative driving experience for Wuling electric vehicle customers by utilizing the digital network and services from Telkomsel.

Dian Asmahani as Sales & Marketing Director of Wuling Motors said, through this collaboration, Wuling together with Telkomsel are taking part in EVolution Indonesia: Accelerating Sustainable Ecosystem for a Greener Future.

Wuling Collaborates with Telkomsel to Strengthen the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem (Photo: Wuling) Wuling is not only focused on developing Internet of Vehicle services for Wuling EV users, but also creating an ecosystem that supports sustainable mobility as a whole.

“We are proud to announce a strategic collaboration between Wuling and Telkomsel which is an important step to strengthen the electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia,” said Dian Asmahani, Monday (18/12/2023).

In this case, one of the points of collaboration between Wuling and Telkomsel is the Internet of Vehicle (Connected Car) to improve connectivity and driving experience. Wuling will utilize Telkomsel’s network infrastructure by embedding Telkomsel’s B2B SIM card profile on Wuling electric vehicles.

Thus, Wuling electric car owners can enjoy advanced telematics services, including vehicle condition monitoring, smart navigation and in-car entertainment.

This collaboration provides a smarter and more integrated driving experience for consumers by utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

Then, Wuling also collaborated with Telkomsel in the field of Fleet Management Systems. Telkomsel will provide customized IoT solutions designed for fleet management systems in an effort to support Wuling electric vehicle fleet owners.

This solution not only includes real-time monitoring and reporting of vehicle performance, but also proper integration for electric vehicle charging stations.

Furthermore, Wuling and Telkomsel plan to present a joint marketing campaign with product offerings that are more targeted according to customer preferences and needs through the use of the telco data insight platform which will open up opportunities for more than 158.3 million Telkomsel customers.

Both companies will encourage business growth and an increasingly connected Indonesian digital ecosystem.

“Telkomsel is committed to ensuring the availability of its leading and widest network infrastructure assets and capabilities for Telkomsel customers and Wuling EV owners throughout Indonesia to support a more sophisticated and efficient electric driving experience with the latest IoT-based transportation connectivity solution concept, Connected Car,” explained Telkomsel Network Director Indra Mardiatna.

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