Monday 18 December 2023

Holding Christmas E-Lifes in Ambon, PT PLN Persero completes an electric car exhibition for this purpose


The Christmas and New Year holidays or Christmas holidays are approaching, a series of events that encourage people to get closer to alternative sources of fuel oil or fuel continue to be promoted. These include the Christmas E-Lifes or Christmas Electrifying Lifestyle exhibition in Ambon, the capital of Maluku Province.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, PT PLN (Persero) Main Unit for Maluku and North Maluku Region (UIW MMI) is holding Christmas Electrifying Lifestyle (E-Lifes) on 14-15 December 2023 at the Ambon City Customer Service Unit (ULP).

The aim of holding this electrifying lifestyle exhibition is to encourage people to adopt a new lifestyle by using all-electric equipment that is emission-free and environmentally friendly.

Example of recharging an electric motorbike battery at SPKLU, which was exhibited at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) Hybrid 2022 [/CNR ukirsari]. Increasingly real and close to everyday life, the event is supported by an exhibition of electric vehicles, from cars, motorbikes and electric bicycles , with the hope that people will be educated in their understanding and more and more will change their conventional lifestyle to an all-electric lifestyle.

Electric vehicles, especially electric cars, have several categories. These include hybrid or PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). In different operations, both have the same purpose: minimizing the level of exhaust emissions from a motor vehicle.

With this environmentally friendly fuel, various parties–in this case, at the exhibition is PT PLN (Persero)–support the government’s target of achieving Net Zero Emissions or NZE 2060.

“Christmas E-lifes combines the excitement of Christmas and “New Year also provides opportunities for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and the use of an Electrifying Lifestyle,” explained Awat Tuhuloula, General Manager of PLN UIW MMU at the end of last week.

Christmas E-Lifes not only introduces an all-electric lifestyle, but also opens up space for stakeholders and business people to take part in the exhibition.

Apart from educating customers, the public also has the opportunity to obtain basic necessities ahead of Christmas and New Year at cheaper prices.

“To complement the Christmas decorations, there are also handicrafts from local artisans on Ambon Island on offer,” added Awat Tuhuloula.

Visitors to the exhibition were also presented with a variety of Millennial Generation creativity, starting from coloring competitions, decorating Christmas trees and spiritual songs.

Apart from efforts to intensify the PLN Mobile application, the electrifying lifestyle program is also included in the priority program to be promoted, considering that this program supports the Government’s mission in contributing to reducing emissions and contributing to realizing the NZE 2060 targets and commitments.

“We introduce it to visitors so that the program This can be echoed more massively in wider society. “We are trying to make this program sustainable, so that the implementation of the energy transition in supporting green energy can be realized,” added Awat Tuhuloula.

PLN is also working to build electricity support facilities, such as Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPKLU) which can be widely used by the general public, so that public awareness of the electrifying lifestyle program will increase.

The provision of SPKLU is a benchmark that electric vehicles are starting to be popular and developing in Maluku and North Maluku. The hope is of course that it will become more familiar so that the use of Electric Vehicles or EVs will become more widespread throughout the country.

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