Thursday 21 December 2023

8 meanings of dreams about being a cat: The versatile person will be lucky, here!


Have you ever dreamed of being a cat? What does it mean to dream of being a cat? Is it true that the dream came because you are a sex lover?

Dreaming of being a cat is believed to be a sign of good luck in real life, whether a project goes smoothly or you will get additional fortune, even success in your career.

The following is the meaning of dreaming about being a cat which can answer your curiosity, according to Dream Guide Me.

1. Curiosity

Cats in dreams often reflect a curious nature. So when you dream, this means that you are someone who really wants to know what happened behind all the events that happened. Moreover, this dream also shows you as a person who really doesn’t like being lied to.

2. You Will Get Luck

Some world cultures, starting from Egypt, believe that cats can protect their owners from evil forces. This is why Europeans often treat cats with respect and kindness. Moreover, black cats for sailors have a sixth sense of luck.

3. Traumatic Conditions

If you dream of being a cat but being abused, then it means you will experience a condition that can be traumatic and difficult to recover from. The advice from this dream is that you should try to overcome this trauma so you can live your life as well as possible.

4. Showing Versatility

This is because cats have good flexibility, starting from running fast, and even being able to avoid obstacles very widely. So that means, if in the real world you are going to enter a new zone or new field, believe me you will be able to adapt well.

5. The Desire to Have Fun and Enjoy Life

Cats are often considered as animals that like to have fun or enjoy life. This dream can reflect the desire to experience pleasure and happiness in everyday life.

6. Have cunning qualities

Cats can also be associated with cunning or mysterious qualities. Dreaming of being a cat may reflect unclear situations or uncertainty in real life.

7. Reflections of a Gentle Attitude

Cats are often associated with gentleness. This dream may reflect an awareness or desire to express a softer or emotional side of oneself.

8. Independent and Free

The dream of being a cat can reflect the desire to feel independence and freedom. Cats are often considered independent animals and can live their lives more independently.

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