Thursday 21 December 2023

Aaliyah Massaid on a Journalist`s Camera Makes You Pangling, Is Her Beauty Really Natural?


Recently, journalists’ cameras without filters have often been called evil by netizens on social media. The reason is, it is through their photos and videos that the public knows that some public figures’ faces are not as smooth as they often appear.

So what about Aaliyah Massaid? Yes, since having a relationship with Tariq Halilintar, her figure has continued to steal the public’s attention. Recently, the face of Reza Artamevia’s daughter even became a topic of conversation when it was recorded by a journalist’s camera.

Uploaded by the TikTok account @yeyet760.althor, Aaliyah Massaid, who appeared to be in a shopping center, was seen wearing a brown blazer with a simple white inner. At that time, the 21 year old woman was seen appearing barefaced, aka without makeup.

Aaliyah Massaid’s face on a journalist’s camera, glowing and natural (TikTok) Even so, her face looks so healthy and glowing, with a smooth and soft texture. Without wearing extra eyelashes or embroidered eyebrows, Aaliyah Massais looks confident in her natural beauty.

On this occasion, Aaliyah Massaid also styled her hair into a half bun, where all her hair appeared to be tied back. His forehead also looks wide, but this actually emphasizes his charm.

Aaliyah Massaid’s way of speaking when responding to journalists’ various questions also received a lot of praise from netizens, because it was considered very polite and gentle. Of course, the barefaced face of the late Adjie Massaid’s daughter immediately received various comments.

“Now you’re naturally beautiful, don’t wear eyelashes, don’t use eyebrow embroidery,” said @rinaxxxx.

“She never wears it on a daily basis. Really without make up. Beautiful,” said @kayaxxxx.

“It’s really beautiful, the journalist’s camera doesn’t use a filter,” added @shaxxxx.

“Uh, the journalist’s camera is still glowing, the skin is really healthy, you don’t need to cover it with a mask, okay?” said @titixxxx.

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