Thursday 21 December 2023

Masking with Pratama Arhan, Azizah Salsha Wears an Exorbitantly Priced Tank Top: Even though It`s Like an Ordinary Undershirt


The moment Azizah Salsha masked with her husband, Pratama Arhan, stole the attention of netizens. Not only because this moment was too sweet for a couple who just got married in August 2023, but because Azizah Salsha was wearing an ordinary tank top which turned out to be exorbitantly expensive.

In the photo uploaded on Instagram, Azizah and Arhan’s faces are both covered by gray masks. The two of them posed while looking at each other.

In the portrait, Arhan is seen wearing a long black short-sleeved t-shirt and matching trousers. Meanwhile, Azizah was seen wearing her hair in a ponytail and wearing a white tank top and long denim pants.

The tank top, which at first glance looks like an ordinary undershirt, turns out to be anything but random. According to the Amazon Fashion website, this tank top is from the Diesel brand in the Women’s T-anky-d Tank Top T-Shirt category.

Azizah Salsha and Pratama Arhan Maskan (Instagram) Because it is a fairly well-known brand, this fashion item is priced quite fantastically, namely 99 dollars or the equivalent of IDR 1.5 million. Including a pretty fantastic price for an undershirt, right?

In the shared portrait, Azizah and Arhan appear to be in a hotel room. It is suspected that the two of them were celebrating Arhan’s birthday, which fell on December 21, 2023.

Yes, it seems that the 22nd birthday of the Indonesian National Team member was celebrated by Azizah in an intimate atmosphere. Usually Andre Rosiade’s daughter never uploads photos of her husband on Instagram, but at this special moment she uploaded a portrait of herself and her husband.

“Happy birthday boss,” wrote @azizahsalsha_ while attaching a photo of him playing football with Pratama Arhan on the green grass.

Receiving this greeting from his wife, Arhan re-uploaded Azizah’s post and replied with a simple greeting as an expression of thanks.

“My darling,” wrote Arhan complete with a white love emoji.

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