Thursday 21 December 2023

To be successful, aesthetic doctors also need to have good communication skills!


Becoming a cosmetic doctor is not only about surgical skills and education about facial anatomy. To be successful as a beauty doctor, you also need good communication skills, not only with patients but also for networking.

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery page states that the ability to show empathy is also important in the practice of medicine. Despite exceptional surgical skills, years of experience, and numerous awards, poor customer service can make prospective patients think twice about seeking treatment.

Aesthetic doctors need to be able to explain procedures and treatments in language that is easy for patients to understand. Good communication skills not only help in patient relations, but also in coordinating with other staff in the operational environment.

Effective communication is not just about responding to the patient’s needs, but also includes understanding body language and a non-judgmental attitude towards the patient’s wishes. This is key in preventing the risk of injury, building trust and strengthening collaboration with other staff.

On the other hand, communication is also important as a way for beauty doctors to network. The development of technology and science means that beauty doctors also need to upgrade their skills so they can provide maximum service.

Illustration of patient and doctor. [shutterstock] This is the reason Pyfaaesthetic is actively participating in the Meet The Masters event held by CGBIO in Bali in December 2023. This event aims to share knowledge and experience between expert doctors from various countries, with the presence of 125 doctors from China, Vietnam, UAE, Korea, Mexico, Turkey and Indonesia.

“I am very happy to take part in this activity because we are not only taught product knowledge but facial anatomy which allows us to know which layers are appropriate in the treatment process and can avoid the risks,” said Dr. Anita Anggoro, one of the representative participants From Indonesia.

In the Meet The Masters activity, 24 doctors from Indonesia participated to share facial anatomy, applications and techniques for HA filler treatment, CaHA filler, thread lift, and SVF skin booster technology for skin rejuvenation. Apart from that, the doctor was also provided with a live demo for HA filler treatment.

“Pyfaaesthetic together with CGBIO will continue to be committed to not only presenting superior and innovative products but also continuing to provide updated knowledge both in theory and practice for Aesthetic dermatologists and GPs in Indonesia,” said Pyfaaesthetic Product Manager, Wila Kharisma.

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