Thursday 21 December 2023

The accounting profession is the most popular among Generation Z in the Indonesian financial sector, here`s the reason


A survey initiated by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) revealed findings about how professional accountants are able to become an option for today’s young generation in pursuing their careers in the future.

To become a professional accountant, a person must have adequate education in the field of accounting and have a professional accounting qualification from an authorized public professional accounting body.

Therefore, ICAEW initiated a survey regarding the interest of today’s young generation in building a career in the financial sector, especially as professional accountants who also consider professional qualifications.

Based on the results of a survey conducted in the third quarter of 2023 which involved 248 respondents from Generation Z from various different demographics in Indonesia, especially final year students with a concentration in accounting studies and fresh graduates, there were several interesting facts found about the interest of students from Indonesian universities in the financial sector and professional accountants.

Career Prospects

As many as 34.9 percent of respondents chose this path because of the suitability of their education major to the financial or accounting sector. In addition, 22.9 percent of respondents saw good and clear career prospects as an important factor in choosing a career in this field. They view that a profession in accounting or finance can offer interesting and promising opportunities.


When discussing sectors that have great potential in building a future career, professional accountants are the dominant choice with a percentage of 32.3 percent, and followed in second place, namely, private banking institutions.

The main reason that makes the choice of professional accounting profession top is because of the definite career development prospects and experience. This illustrates that respondents see strong career development potential in this sector.

Professional Certification

In an effort to achieve success in the accounting profession, the results of the survey highlight that some respondents realize the importance of having a professional certification. They must also meet professional practice requirements and have a good reputation. The survey showed that 54 percent of respondents planned to enroll in professional certification.

Career Prospects

To become a successful accountant, the survey also revealed several challenges that the younger generation may face. Erratic working hours (28.4 percent) and boredom with monotonous work (24.8 percent) are considered the main challenges most often faced.

However, despite the existing challenges, most respondents have other dream professions that they would like to pursue if they did not enter the world of work as accountants. Financial consultants are the most sought after dream profession with a percentage reaching 35.4 percent.

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