Friday 22 December 2023

As many as 52 million cars using ARC airbags are suspected to have problems


The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received many reports regarding ARC airbags experiencing problems.

From the search results it was found that the ARC airbag emitted metal fragments which could cause serious injury.

This case is the same as what happened with Takata airbags. For this reason, NHTSA asked car manufacturers to recall 52 million vehicles that use ARC airbags to prevent more cases from occurring.

However, as reported by Carscoops, Friday (22/12/2023), the car manufacturer argued that there was not enough evidence to carry out a recall.

Additionally, automakers are concerned that recalls will be costly if forced to occur.

Even General Motors (GM) wrote that they disagreed with NHTSA’s initial decision to assess ARC airbags as defective. The same thing was said by Ford and ARC themselves.

However, NHTSA said in May that it had identified at least seven cases of airbag ruptures causing injuries, including two that resulted in deaths. This incident occurred from 2009 to March 2023.

For your information, airbags are a safety feature, which has a big role in cars.

Airbags are designed to protect car passengers and drivers from impact, which occurs during an accident.

If the sensor detects pressure that exceeds a certain limit, the airbag will deploy to protect the passenger.

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