Friday 22 December 2023

Effective tips for heating an automatic car, suitable for use before the 2024 Christmas holidays with the family


Automatic cars are currently one of the most popular vehicles among the public. The reason is, using this car is quite easy. All groups, both beginners and women, can use it.

However, quite a few people don’t know how to properly care for this automatic car, especially when warming up the engine.

The main aim of warming up the car regularly is to improve the quality of the car engine. A car that is rarely warmed up can cause the engine to start.

So what is the correct way to warm up the engine so that it lasts for a certain period of time? Here are 4 tips from Daihatsu Indonesia that you can try.

Illustration of an automatic car transmission lever. (Pexels/Garvin St. Villier) 1. Start the engine first

This is the first step in the ritual of warming up an automatic car. The vehicle owner only needs to start the car engine as usual.

Wait a few moments until the engine indicator turns off, to avoid the battery draining easily.

2. Move the transmission lever to position P

The transmission lever position P indicates that the car is parked or stationary. So, the car will not move even if the engine is on.

Don’t use the transmission lever position in D and N because it could potentially cause an accident.

Moreover, when someone enters the cabin and steps on the pedal, the car could move forward and hit an object in front of it.

3. Don’t take too long

Vehicle owners are advised not to take too long to warm up the car. Just 1-3 minutes is enough if the car is used frequently every day.

However, for cars that are rarely used, they can be heated for more than 3 minutes.

4. Don’t forget to move the lever to position D when you want to use it

If you want to travel after warming up the car, you can move the position of the transmission lever from P to position D. The purpose of moving the lever is to make the car easy to move and easy to drive. controlled.

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