Friday 8 December 2023

Astra Honda Holds EduFest in Yogyakarta, Five Best PAUD Teachers Receive Appreciation in Traffic Safety Ethics Contest


Understanding and awareness of positive things needs to be instilled in children from an early age. So that mentality and behavior can be shaped to provide good values ​​to the family and the surrounding environment. This includes understanding and obeying traffic rules that are instilled from childhood, so that they can be applied as part of awareness when they reach adolescence and adulthood. In this case, the contribution of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) teachers in providing driving safety material is clearly needed.

Quoted from the official release of PT Astra Honda Motor as received, the Astra Honda Motor Foundation (AHM Foundation) is carrying out efforts to strengthen the competency of 45 PAUD teachers. This activity is part of the Astra Honda Figure #Cari_aman EduFest event which ends at Taman Pintar, Yogyakarta, on Thursday (8/12/2023).

“In the spirit of Synergy for the Nation, together with Taman Pintar we are trying to present a model for delivering driving safety teaching materials that is effective and fun for young children. “We hope that PAUD teachers, who are the leading figures in teaching children, can carry out this role after participating in this program to strengthen driving safety competencies,” explained Ahmad Muhibbuddin, Chairman of the AHM Foundation.

 One of the EduFest participants Figure #Cari_aman Astra Honda is carrying out a traffic safety ethics contest to assess the practice of using a Honda Riding Trainer in the Traffic Ethics Zone (ZELL) in Taman Pintar, Yogyakarta (8/12/2023) [PT AHM]. He added that the AHM Foundation developed a fun driving safety teaching model for young children together with Taman Pintar and Early Childhood Education (PAUD) teachers in the Yogyakarta area. This activity was attended by figures supporting the driving safety campaign movement, including PAUD teachers who are at the forefront of driving safety education for the younger generation.

Various education and contests in this activity strengthen the ability of teaching staff in providing driving safety and comfort in Indonesia. The AHM Foundation has 24 early childhood safety riding instructors who have received training from PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) safety riding instructors. Throughout 2023, teachers will be recorded as having educated 20,712 children aged 49 years.

The material presented is the basics of traffic safety, such as traffic signs through practical media in the form of children’s push bikes and education through the snake and ladder game. These teachers spread the message of driving safety to two locations, namely the TLLA Traffic Park in Kalihurip Village, Karawang, West Java and the Traffic Ethics Zone (ZELL) in Taman Pintar Yogyakarta.

This activity, which has been taking place since September 2023, was attended by teachers from PAUD schools in the districts of Bantul, Gunungkidul, Kulon Progo, Sleman and Yogyakarta City.

Apart from PAUD teachers, this activity also involved 16 figures supporting the Traffic Ethics Zone (ZELL) – Smart Park and Children’s Traffic Park (TLLA), Yogyakarta. They gain knowledge of driving safety through theoretical and practical learning using a Honda Riding Trainer (HRT) and driving in the Yogyakarta Astra Motor Safety Riding Center Course area.

 In this activity, participants also get the opportunity to learn public speaking and social media management through workshop activities. Then, to complete this activity, the participants also took part in a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) discussing driving safety teaching methods that were interesting and fun, and easy to apply for young students. These PAUD teachers also had the opportunity to take part in a contest for teaching traffic safety ethics which was the highlight of the EduFest Figure #Cari_aman Astra Honda activity.

On that occasion, the AHM Foundation gave appreciation to the five best PAUD teachers in a traffic safety ethics contest. There are three assessments that form the basis of the assessment, namely practical assessment using the Honda Riding Trainer, teaching practice using teaching aids, and a simulation of teaching safety riding for young children.

From the results of the contest assessment conducted by the Astra Honda Safety Riding Instructor team, emerging as champions in providing educational teaching to early age students were:

Mrs. Teacher Danti Ita Arsanti from the Play Group (KB) Sekar Lintang Yogyakarta Mrs. Teacher Sri Rejeki from KB Al Husna YogyakartaMother Teacher Hesmy Fetriyantari from KB Bintang Kecil YogyakartaMother Teacher Lilis Nurhidayah from Kindergarten (TK) Islam Safa YogyakartaMother Teacher Padmi Lestasi from KB Permata Hati Bantul. In the EduFest Figure #Cari_aman event, the AHM Foundation also donated five push bikes and five set of riding gear for use by children playing at Taman Pintar, Yogyakarta.

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