Friday 8 December 2023

Famous as a motorbike lover, Febby Sagita takes part in the 2023 Porsche Sprint Challenge Indonesia race at the Mandalika Circuit


Who doesn’t know Febby Sagita, an Indonesian automotive content creator who is famous as a lover of motorbikes or big motorbikes? Currently he is in Lombok to compete at the Sentul International Circuit, in the Porsche Sprint Challenge Indonesia 2023 (8-10/12/2023).

He is ready to join Umar Abdullah in the Sillo Maritime Perdana 78 Racing Team and rely on the Porsche GT 3 Cup racing mount.

The participation of the figure who is familiarly known as Oom Febs is unique, because he has several times paved the track located in Mandalika Village, Mandalika Special Economic Zone (KEK), Pujut, Central Lombok using a two-wheeled vehicle with engine capacity (cc) big.

Quoted by the Antara news agency from Febby Sagita’s official release, the figure who owns the law firm Sagita Ridjab Syah & Partners said that the Porsche racing championship was his first in the four-wheeled sector.

So he made quite thorough preparations before the race, starting from doing research to recognize the character of the Mandalika circuit, to virtual practice.

Febby Sagita at the Aprilia Indonesia hospitality event in the 2023 Mandalika MotoGP championship [courtesy of Febby Sagita] “So far I regularly train using a simulator at home,” said Oom Febs.

While his target is not lofty, in the enduro or endurance category race where he partnered with Umar Abdullah he expressed a form of hope.

“To be able to finish because this race is still long (the Porsche Sprint Challenge will take place three times at the Mandalika International Circuit until next year), we have to study a lot of cars and circuit tracks. Our hope is that we can finish,” said Febby Sagita.

After all, regarding the Mandalika International Circuit itself, Oom Febs is not a stranger at all. As can be seen on the Instagram social media page and several sources, he once served as one of the circuit managers. Then I played moge several times on the track, and met a number of MotoGP racers there.

One of the exciting experiences that made me jealous was being invited to enjoy Aprilia Indonesia’s hospitality at the Mandalika MotoGP event some time ago.

He wrote his appreciation to the invitees and his prayers to Indonesian MotoGP fans. It read, among other things: The Mandalika MotoGP has finished and the experience cannot be described in words. From these photos you can see the excitement of the Mandalika race. I pray that you will have the same experience, starting at the Aprilia Indonesia VIP Village, paddock access, watching from the Aprilia Factory Racing Team Garage, meeting the racers, entering the starting grid, and watching together with friends from Aprilia.

Apart from that, he is also active in posting a series of humanitarian or charity activities from the Porsche Indonesia club. Or in other words, he is already familiar with the track and the four-wheeled ride he will be riding.

Cool sunset at the Mandalika Circuit with Oom Febs [courtesy of Febby Sagita] Among a series of recent portraits of Oom Febs, apart from being behind the wheel of the Porsche GT 3 Cup, he has also made an introduction or recognition using an autoped. Happy competing!

For the record, the Porsche Sprint Challenge Indonesia is scheduled to be held three times in Mandalika, namely on 8-10 December 2023, 12-14 January 2024, and 26-28 January 2024. The races will consist of a 30 minute Sprint Race and an Endurance Race with a duration of 45 minutes.

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