Friday 15 December 2023

Astra Honda Racing School Produces World Class Rider Candidates, Practices Directly at the HDC Championship


Since 2010, the Astra Honda Racing School (AHRS) has been a training venue for young Indonesian riders. PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) consistently leads its coaches to become outstanding racers in Asian and world racing events.

In the Asian event, 2010 AHRS alumnus, Andi Farid Izdihar became the first Indonesian rider to win Asian Champion in the 2022 Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) 600cc SuperSports class.

No less brilliant, Veda Ega Pratama as a 2019 AHRS graduate made a proud achievement as first winner at the 2023 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup (IATC) event which was accompanied by a history of the most first podiums with a record that has not been broken until now.

Veda Ega Pratama (center), flanked by two Japanese riders. Veda successfully won Race 1 and Race 2 IATC 2023 Losail, Qatar [PT AHM] Then in European racing, Fadillah Arbi Aditama succeeded in making history as the first Indonesian racer to win first place in the FIM JuniorGP event.

Arbi is an AHRS 2019 alumnus and managed to make history when competing in the Barcelona-Catalunya series in July 2023.

Then in world racing competitions, there is Mario Suryo Aji who is currently involved in the Moto2 World GP class. He is an alumnus of AHRS 2016.

Quoted from the official PT AHM release as received , AHRS 2023 has just finished being held at the AHM Safety Riding & Training Center Deltamas, West Java (11-15/12/2023).

AHRS 2023 will be held in four series with strengthening Flat Track Training exercises using the Honda CRF150R to train agility and motorbike control techniques on the track.

Complementing the Flat Track Training, the participants also received a training session on racing techniques using the Honda NSF100 and Honda CBR250RR which faced an 8 shape track and a zigzag track.

AHRS development is directly guided by riders who have made many achievements at national and international levels. Namely Gerry Salim, Sudarmono, and Wawan Hermawan.

In the AHRS class of 2023, dozens of teenagers aged 11–14 years were given various knowledge about racing techniques and intentional physical training. So it can be a provision for achieving achievements at the highest racing events, as previous AHRS alumni have achieved in Asian and world level racing championships.

“AHRS is a manifestation of our commitment to present Indonesian racers who will be ready to compete in national to international racing competitions and make the nation proud in the future,” explained Andy Wijaya, General Manager of Marketing Planning and Analysis at AHM.

AHRS development is directly guided by riders who have made many achievements at national and international levels. Namely Gerry Salim, Sudarmono, and Wawan Hermawan [PT AHM]. He added that the AHRS program is the first stage in the racing leveling program for young people who have strong racing potential.

It is hoped that the consistent implementation of the AHRS will bear sweet fruit in producing talented racers who are ready to compete in world racing competitions.

Apart from training in racing techniques, participants are given physical training that trains their strength as tough racers with a “European Style” training style.

Adopting the physical training of European participants, the participants are educated every day with physical training cycling, running, building muscle through weight training and gym activities.

To provide optimal results, training is provided directly by professional physical trainers to monitor the students’ physical development.

This comprehensive training is equipped with basic regulations in the world of racing.

Various racing knowledge is provided such as the meaning of various flags on the circuit track, starting procedures, penalties, and various other rules that apply on the race track.

This provision is an important basis that novice racers need to have so that they can quickly adapt to racing competitions and avoid violations.

The training participants apply all the knowledge gained through “Mini Race” in each AHRS series to provide the sensation of racing competition.

“I am very happy to be able to take part in the Astra Honda Racing School 2023, of course there are lots of lessons I can take this year, starting from the importance of physicality, improving racing skills, communication skills, to basic knowledge about motorbikes,” commented Abimanyu Fermadi , 11 year old rider and one of the AHRS 2023 trainers.

“The training given at AHRS is also very interesting for me. Hopefully the provisions obtained at AHRS 2023 can become provisions to become a professional racer in the future,” he said.

After undergoing training at AHRS, these young racers will experience racing directly in a real event by taking part in the Honda Dream Cup (HDC).

It is important to obtain a racing atmosphere to hone their mentality and competence so that they are better prepared to fight with other tough racers.

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