Friday 15 December 2023

Is it true that using AC in a car can waste fuel?


Air Conditioner or commonly known as AC is an important part of the car cabin. The reason is, this component cools the car and passengers when traveling.

Especially when it’s hot, AC is a car component that is definitely sought after. However, using AC is thought to cause fuel to run out quickly.

Quoted from the official Suzuki Indonesia website, turning on the car AC throughout the journey has the potential to make fuel consumption more wasteful.

Illustration of Car AC (freepik/azerbaijan_stockers) AC that is turned on continuously, especially at the lowest temperature for a long period of time, can suck up fuel consumption.

When the temperature is at its lowest, the AC components will work extra to cool the car or passengers.

This will affect fuel consumption and over time will trigger fuel waste. The performance of the AC itself will be imposed on the engine so that the engine needs fuel intake to be able to work extra.

Based on data from the Energy Star website, when the car AC is on, fuel consumption will be 1.89 to 3.7 liters per hour. This value can increase when the car is driving fast or in traffic jams.

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