Monday 18 December 2023

Avanza is outclassed, this trio of battered jeeps are the most loyal occupants of Prabowo Subianto`s garage, the price makes you gasp


Even though he is often known as a “gemoy”, at least according to young voters, in the presidential candidate’s garage with serial number 2, Prabowo Subianto is far from cute or funny or adorable.

In fact, the average car he owns is synonymous with a fierce and classy impression. At least that is what can be seen from the LHKPN (State Officials’ Wealth Report) released by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) regarding the Minister of Defense for the 2019-2024 period.

Uniquely, from the LHKPN documents released from 2003 to the latest, there are three old cars that most faithfully inhabit Prabowo Subianto’s garage.

Land Rover Defender, as an illustration. [/Insan Akbar Krisnamusi] These three cars are currently still part of the total of 8 vehicles owned by presidential candidate Gibran Rakabuming. What are these old cars?

These cars include two Land Rover units, with the respective years of manufacture 1992 and 1994. In the latest LHKPN, these cars are estimated to have a value of 50 million rupiah each.

Unfortunately it is not known what type of Land Rover Prabowo Subianto owned, but if you look at used car buying and selling sites, in that era there were two types of Land Rover, namely Defender and Discover, whose used prices for those made in the 90s were still very high. high, namely 600 million for Defender and 400 million for Discover.

Apart from that, another battered old car is a Toyota Land Cruiser with a manufacture year of 1980 which was obtained in 1998 according to the 2003 LHKPN. In the latest LHKPN of 2023, the jeep has an estimated value of 50 million rupiah.

However, as we know, this jeep, which is sometimes called a Hard Top, is quite appreciated among automotive enthusiasts and is often used as a collection. On the used car market, this old Land Cruiser can be found at prices of 300 million and above.

Toyota Land Cruiser. ( Why are official car prices at LHKPN usually cheaper than market prices?

Please note that the price of used cars on the public market usually fluctuates. Cars that are not liked by the general public will of course have lower prices compared to cars that are popular with the public, depending on demand. The effect is that the prices of these popular cars tend to be stable or even increase, as is the case with the Honda Civic Estilo or Isuzu Panther.

Meanwhile, it is suspected that one of the references for LHKPN reporting is based on NJKB (Motorized Vehicle Sales Value), at least according to the FAQ document released by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( click here to find out ). In the document released in 2018, it was stated that the price listed was a fair price.

Reference for Official Vehicle Prices on LHKPN. (KPK) As (click here) previously reviewed, NJKB is different from the ‘normal’ used vehicle market as we know in the field. Because NJKB is a price or value that has been determined by Dispenda (Regional Revenue Service) which previously obtained data from the Brand Holder Agent (APM).

For example, referring to the Toyota Land Cruiser, the LHKPN states that the price is 50 million rupiah. Well, according to the Samsat Jakarta website, the NJKB of this car is even cheaper, namely around 24-37 million depending on specifications. Meanwhile, as we know, on the market the price can reach 300 million.

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